Dear Lively Stones- I Need Advice On My Relationship!


Good evening all,

I might be a silent reader in this group with I admire so much but my main aim of joining this gathering was for insight on my relationship …

I Have been dating this beautiful girl for 2 years now with intention of getting married to her and we started out smoothly as it was still a magical thing between us until we I started having series of issues .


From she on “call waiting” at night(10 – 11pm) , she acts reluctant anytime I try to share my salary breakdown (while she was on a monthly stipend from me) and she doesn’t apologize when ever we have issues, would never call nor text until I do and apologize even if it’s not my fault ..

I Am presently loosen, I don’t want to make a mistake ! …Please advice me.


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  1. Hello,

    Your communication level needs to be up .Like you need to put on your romantic, caring and patient lover cap.

    Your girl maybe displaying all you said she is because she is probably stressed at work or something

    Now is not the time to be reading meaning into her behavior

    You need to be supportive

    Ask her how her days was…

    Ask if there is anything you can do to make her feel better

    Just be sensitive and caring

    …tough for some guys I know

    But if you love would do anything to keep her


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