Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Dear Dads!

Being a parent can be very daunting… Trust me, I have begun to appreciate mine better, Now that I am a parent.
But today, I want to talk to the dads.  I believe being a dad is a very important job.  Being a Mom is way cooler though (ehen, am biased jor ?)…
What kind of a dad are you?… Many lives are shaped by the kind of fathers they have or never had. Many dads today never had their own dads as an example to look up to… So today, they are not any better.
But the good news is, as a dad today, you have time to be a better  dad to your kids than yours was ever to you.
You may ask why this write up?… I see alot of people broken in marriages, some times it traces back to their relationship with their dads
One man I counselled said he swore he would never lay his hand on his wife because he saw his dad pummel his mum as a kid. But sadly, one ugly day, mister hit his wife. Now, he believes it’s in his blood, His genes… I mean, how can you argue with such?
A newly married couple I know, they have just been married for about 6 months but the man has been verbally abusing his wife.  Well, it’s sad because this man’s action is reminding me of his father whom everyone knew verbally abused his mum.
Young girls don’t know what to look out for when dating a guy… Because their dads were never around.. They were raised by single moms. Kudos to all single moms, you are doing all you can.
Some dads don’t know how to be available for their kids, because they believe providing financially for them kids is enough… Many dads don’t know the best subject of their kids in school, many dads have never been to one PTA  meeting, some don’t know  why their kids are not doing well in school….
The above is no shades to dads at all.  But it’s a sad reality in some homes and it is determining the type of individuals we churn out from our homes.
So dads, let’s talk. No one is asking you to be a super hero but your child thinks you are a hero. So why don’t you take a step back, review how you have been parenting and see if your kids would be proud of you when they are grown.
We celebrate you dads… We know it  ain’t easy.  But never give up on being a better version of you everyday.
Remember, family is everything!
A passionate people and godly relationship advocate!...Trained Psychologist and Human Resources Practioner. A seasoned Marriage and relationship counsellor. A mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter. J


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