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Dayo Adeneye Throws Wife A Beautiful 50th Birthday Party (photos)

Entertainment businessman and former Ogun State Commissioner for Information, Otunba Dayo Adeneye had a great time with his family at the 50th birthday celebration of his wife, Caroline Adeneye over the weekend.

Dayo and his wife are one of the celebrity couples that do not shy away from publicly display affection towards each other.

He calls her “his BFF and the one woman that he completes him”. That is not all, he also calls her his soul mate and his sweetim’.

In attendance at the party was the Mrs Amosun, wife of former Governor of the State

Dayo got married to Caroline almost 19 years ago after his first wife abandoned him when he was broke.



“One day I woke up and realised that my salary is 17,000 a month. The seven years I worked at Ray Power were my happiest moments but I was so broke. I sold all my four cars and was left with 1 car at the end of the day. I even moved from a 3 bedroom to a one bedroom in Ebute Metta. My first wife left me because I was broke. ” he revealed at a seminar.

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