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My Friend Is Stuck With A Man Who Is Deceiving Her,Please Help!

this man was cheating on Ajoke with several girls. She didn't believe it until she read his text messages. That was after three years of living with this man as a fiancee not a wife o.

Is His Strange Behavior A Sign Of Love Or Danger?

It was after our marriage introduction,he got angry when called me at work one time and I told him I would call him back. Sincerely,I was so busy at work,I forgot to call him back and he refused to pick my call after that.

Do You Think Taking A Break Will Fix Your Ailing Relationship?

But don’t take a break if you have the mind of working out the relationship, taking a break doesn’t fix anything, but even separates you the more.

In Love With Her Spirit But Her Insecurities Giving Me Second Thoughts

She became quite jealous and frankly I see her as insecure cos of her weight. She keeps saying she fears I would dump her or divorce her if we get married.

I Have Waited For 10 Years But Is He The Right One For Me?

I mean,I am not judging,I can actually be with him cos I have my own money,etc. But what if he is also being with me for my money?

Relationship Etiquette Series: Dating Etiquette With Funke Hanson

Be right on time, no African time. It is expected that the man gets to the venue before the lady while the lady should not keep the man waiting for too long.

Psych Corner: What Do You Do When Trust Is Broken?

“Trust can be earned back, but it takes patience and persistence.” Choosing to trust again requires courage, whether in showing your partner that you can be trustworthy or in trying to be open to trusting your partner again.

What to Do When He Says “I Don’t Know What I Want” In a...

When a man gives you such a vague answer to a very specific question about his desires for a relationship, it can leave you swimming in doubt, insecurity, and fear.

Dumped & Humiliated On My Wedding Day:The Truth, Two Years Later

I asked her to be my chief bridesmaid as I didn't have any other close friend who could play the chief bride's maid role properly.

I Love My Fiance: But Should I Be Worried He May Have An Addiction?

He invited me to his room,I was hesitant but he was like,you mean you don't trust me? I then obliged. In his room,I sat by the bed and we talked.

My Future Mother In Law Is Punishing Me For My Mother’s Sins

Truth is,this relationship is the happiest I have been in my life. Eventually,we got engaged and I was the happiest girl on planet earth.

Can I Still Shoot My Shot, He Already Friend Zoned Me ?

Like seriously.this guy has friend zoned abi sister zoned me and I am frustrated. At times,I get jealous and angry when I see how hard he tries to win this girl and the girl puts him off constantly and he just ignores me

My New Guy Versus My Abusive Boyfriend,Who Is My Assurance?

I begged him severally to stop hurting me, he didn't. Then I made up my mind to leave, I was so very scared of leaving him cause of the fear of being lonely. I eventually left and met a new guy not up to 24 hours after I left him.

Almost 34 years Old,I Still Can’t Figure Women,Says Mike Adenuga’s Son

Paddy Adenuga, son of business mogul and CEO of Globacom, Mike Adenuga has revealed he still cannot figure out woman out completely even at his age – almost 3

Déjà Vu Dating: How to Break the Cycle of Choosing the Wrong Man

Maybe all of your heartaches are a result of partners who deceived you. They hid their true selves from you, and you ended up on the short end of the stick because you trusted them.

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