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My New Guy Versus My Abusive Boyfriend,Who Is My Assurance?

I begged him severally to stop hurting me, he didn't. Then I made up my mind to leave, I was so very scared of leaving him cause of the fear of being lonely. I eventually left and met a new guy not up to 24 hours after I left him.

Almost 34 years Old,I Still Can’t Figure Women,Says Mike Adenuga’s Son

Paddy Adenuga, son of business mogul and CEO of Globacom, Mike Adenuga has revealed he still cannot figure out woman out completely even at his age – almost 3

Déjà Vu Dating: How to Break the Cycle of Choosing the Wrong Man

Maybe all of your heartaches are a result of partners who deceived you. They hid their true selves from you, and you ended up on the short end of the stick because you trusted them.

My Girlfriend Just Told Me That She Has No Fallopian Tube!

I was like,what does that mean,she said she does not have a Fallopian tube and that means she may not be able to get pregnant in future.

Relationships:Why Do I End Up Feeling Used After A Hookup?

It made it almost impossible to form truly intimate connections with anyone. I continued to feel lonely, sad, and inadequate because I could never truly express myself to a guy.

Man Disappointed:Girlfriend Left His House Without Washing The Dishes

According to the guy, he invited his girlfriend over for the very first time and after they’d spent time together, the lady took off without doing any basic chores.

I Am Happy & In Love: But I Have To Break Up With Her!

She has been unfortunate to always fall in love with the wrong guys.She on the other hand,always advised me to be patient with my fiance,Somto. 

Let’s Settle This Once And For All – Is Kissing a Sin?

I am not sure it is the same now. Plus between you and God, can you even give someone you love and are attracted to a holy kiss? Can you?

How Can I Be Sure:True Love Or Is My Fiance Trying To Control My...

I thought it was really romantic. But as we continued,I found it rather weird. Sometimes in the morning,he will be texting me and asking me what am I wearing today for work

Ladies Get In Here: What Most Men Consider To Be “Wife Material”

A grown man looks for a grown woman to settle down with, a woman who has shed off her childish tendencies and wants something real.

Man’s View- When Is The Best Age to Get Married?

Most men delay marriage because they wait for the perfect conditions. They want a higher salary or a bigger house, but these are just excuses. Conditions will never be perfect – you have to deal with it and be more realistic.

I Cannot Meet Up With Her Desire,Is This A Deal Breaker?

we might have been chatting so happily and anytime such talk comes up, everything will just go sour and comes to an abrupt end, she will just say Good night and off her phone.

Father Crashes Daughter’s Proposal With “Say No” Sign

We’re talking about the moment Allison’s dad, who was standing off in the distance, held a sign instructing his daughter to “Say no.”

My Fiancee & Her Ex :Is This Naive Or Playing Me For A Fool?

.Well,she has a nice heart and people know that and always want to take advantage of her. I try to caution her and instead of her to take correction,she will say please take your card before you insult me cos of money.

Could My Fiance Be Messing Around With His Married Neighbor?

When I heard the rumors,I was careful cos I noticed the woman always being nice to my fiance. This woman sometimes baby sits my fiance's son.

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