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Guys:What do Girls Like to Hear? 15 Things She’s Dying for You to Say

Basically, you want her to know you think she’s beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside. Make it more about her personality and demeanor and less about her physical appearance.

Four Years Of Savings & He Bought A Car Instead Of Our Wedding

Every month we put money in a joint account. We were supposed to get married last year but the money he said was not enough for wedding.

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me- Should I Return His Gifts To Me?

I didn't trust him like before, the love is still in my heart but not like before, if I tried to end the relationship he will come back, and I don't know if is because of the gifts he gave to me, but I seeing my self hating him for lying to me.

How To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship With Your Dignity Intact

Through all of this, remember who you are and what you’re worth. It’s easy to go back to a toxic relationship when you forget what you’re worth. To leave a toxic relationship, you need to always remember what you can offer and who you are.

Why You Should Never Let Any One Waste Your Time

There behavior sucks, but you keep remixing it into something acceptable because you don’t want to admit to yourself that you’re with a time waster.

Can “Missionary Dating” Lead to a Good Marriage?

“Still, it appears to me that the phenomenon is real enough to stand on its own. The big question, of course, is whether missionary dating actually works.”

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Physical Attraction When Dating

According to research on love and marriage, we can create a deep bond with someone by cultivating skills that lead to trust and connection.

Dear Single Ladies: “It’s Not Your Job to Fix A Broken Man”

No matter how intriguing he might appear at first, if he isn’t ready to be a man, he’s nothing more than a waste of time.

My Fiance Went To A Strip Club & Lied About It When I Caught...

That his friend sent the text in an error. I didn't believe him so later that day,I asked the security guy what time my fiance came back to the house and he said,it was around 4am that mornin

I Pay For Everything Cos My Boyfriend’s Broke & Its Getting Old

We’re still young and we’re lucky that at least one of us has a steady income. As hard as it feels now, i have to believe that in a few years, I’LL look back on this time and be frustrated with myself for being annoyed.

Tosin Ajibade Lowered Her standards For The Man She Loved

Currently, I am not in a relationship but if I have to be in one, I would like to be with a man that is very supportive; a person that can help me lift some burdens off my shoulder.

She Had An Abortion Without My Consent But I Still Love Her

 I was heartbroken and did everything to beg her. She initially refused but after a colleague of mine helped me to beg her,she later forgave me and we went back to dating

These Six Signs Proves She is Not Over Her Ex Boyfriend/Fiance

If your girlfriend is still interested in what her ex is doing online – his status update on FB or his new pictures on Instagram or she keeps re tweeting his twitter rants, then you should really be worried.

My Friend Is Stuck With A Man Who Is Deceiving Her,Please Help!

this man was cheating on Ajoke with several girls. She didn't believe it until she read his text messages. That was after three years of living with this man as a fiancee not a wife o.

Is His Strange Behavior A Sign Of Love Or Danger?

It was after our marriage introduction,he got angry when called me at work one time and I told him I would call him back. Sincerely,I was so busy at work,I forgot to call him back and he refused to pick my call after that.

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