Ask Jzhane: She Is Putting Me Under Pressure To Marry Her

Things have been rough for me. I didnt grow up with luxuries in my life.I am doing part time schooling and working. I also have my younger ones I am taking care of.

Pre-wedding photos of billionaire daughter, Fatima Dangote and her fiance

The lovely couple’s pre-wedding dinner was held over the weekend while the first leg of their wedding will hold in Kano on Thursday March 16th while another one will hold in Lagos on March 24th.

Yoruba Demon keeps lady waiting on a date and gleefully watches

A lady has been in this eatery for about 30 Minutes now.. She’s already feeling uncomfortable Cos Her Supposed date hasn’t arrived.. but me I’m watching her Lowkey Cos I’m tha date…

If He’s Hot & Cold With You, It’s Time To Burn His Number

You don’t have time for confused guys who are all over the place and don’t know what they want. You need to be with someone who’s sure of himself and has a plan for the future in which you play a leading role.

My Boyfriend Has A Weird Addiction,Should I dump Him?

I dont want to continue in a relationship where I will be suspecting my man every time. But on the other hand,I know ladies who will think I am being too paranoid for dumping a guy

Loved Him With All My Heart, But He Was Addicted To ….

He told me he was using green stuff and I was cool with it since he told me it was not n addiction and just an on-off thing.

I Give True Love A Chance Each Time But Men Only Use Me

He never said that he loved me, it was only I who felt that way, and so got my heart broken. I hated myself for the love that I believed was there and tried to forget him.

No Matter How Much I Loved Him, He Made My Life Miserable

I love adventures so I took this as one too. I thought it will be fun to know a person who was not brought up in the busy city of Mumbai and is so affectionate towards me.

I Told Him My Darkest Secret ,He Used It To Slut-Shame &Control Me

When I told this to him, he said I deserved it because I looked like I was asking for it. That's it. That was the last straw. I broke up with him

Ladies,Real Talk: Are You A “Cool” Girlfriend Or A Doormat?

Being a cool girlfriend and being relaxed about plans is very different to being someone’s lowest priority. You shouldn’t have to force someone to make time for you and you shouldn’t always be the one making all the plans. You shouldn’t be the only one making effort in your relationship!

Hajia Bola Shagaya’s son’s love story with Osinbajo’s daughter

“But as fate would have it, he met her again at an event in Abuja. This time he did not let the opportunity pass him by. He walked up to her, and as they say the rest is history.”

Must Read For Guys: Before You Let Her Go,Avoiding Stupid Break Ups

Don’t underestimate God’s power of matchmaking, He knows just what’s best for you, what you can handle, what you need, note I said what you need and not what you want

I caught My Fiance Treating STD…Is My Relationship Over?

He asked me to go talk with my fiance. That was when I knew it was serious. One of the nurses who was nice to us,I cornered her,gave her some money and she told me that Dare had been treating STDs with their hospital for almost three month. He developed complications hence he was admitted.

Ladies: It’s Time To Finally Give Up On That Guy Who’s Not Into You

No one in the world should be comfortable with receiving a half-assed, kind-of like from someone. if you feel good about yourself, he should feel good about you, too. you’re a smart, funny, beautiful woman, and you need someone who’s going to see those qualities and appreciate them in you.

I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness

When it was getting close to valentine,from the first day in February, Cyril would send me lovely romantic gifts each day. I was so excited,I would post these gifts on my facebook timeline. I got a lot of likes and comments. Everyone wished me well.

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