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Dated 11 Years:Married For 5 Years: How Her Hubby Betrayed Us

Good Morning ma,

I am have been trying to reach you for so long. I am so glad to be able to communicate with you. I need your advice and that of the good people of LS. My sister is actually the one who needs help. My family have been praying for her and her husband for a long time. We are so worried.

So,my sister and her husband have been married for 5 years. Before the got married,they dated and courted for 11 years. Right from secondary school to University. They were love birds. Everyone knew they were going to end up getting married. My family took her husband in 16 years ago when he had nothing.

We supported him cos he treated my sister right. Many times,my mother would package food stuff for my sister to give him when they were in the university. When his father passed on,my family cooked and participated in the burial very much.Even before they were married,everyone was already calling them husband and wife.

My sister supported him when he could not get a good job after youth service. They got married and a year later,things began to change for the better for him. He got a big job and life took a very different turn for good. They moved into a bigger house,bought cars,lands,etc.

By then,my sister had given birth to her first set of children:twins. Everything was ok. Until 3 years ago. All of a sudden,there was a fraud in my sister’s husband’s company. And he was implicated. The matter was taken to EFCC. And like that,my sister spent money upon money on court case.

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He was held in custody all these while too. So,it was not easy for my sister and the family at large. We spent so much money. My sister had to sell the cars,remaining only one. She moved back to our house as she could not meet up with her house rent.My brother in-law spent almost 3 years in custody before he was released.

By this time,things were very hard for them. He and my sister were able only to get a room self contained to move in to, January this year. My family kept on supporting them. But his mother,who is a C & S member kept going for prayers. It was during the prayers that one prophet revealed that the cause of her son’s downfall is his wife:my sister.

That my brother in-law will never prosper because my sister and my family want him to remain under them forever,to be serving them. That any man that marries into my family will serve them. That my father had to escape (my parents divorced a long time ago…but it was due to his family pressure that did not like my mother)…for his destiny not to be destroyed.

Since that time,my sister’s husband has been giving everyone attitude. He does not talk to my sister. He does not talk to any of us. He started keeping late night. Infact,things are so bad. My sister has been crying so much. After all we have done for this man,he now thinks we are behind his downfall. We decided to stay away but my sister is suffering. They cannot feed and the man is not even caring.

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He has not told my sister that he wants a divorce but since January they have been living like divorced couple. Recently,someone gave him N1.5M to go and start a business. Do you know that we just found out that this man is planning to go and give a prophet this money to conduct deliverance prayers for his house to be cleansed of the spirit that is coming from my family to destroy him?

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When my sister found out,she opposed it and he accused her of being the one trying to pin him down forever. How can a man who cannot feed his family go and give a prophet N1.5M to conduct deliverance? Which kind of deliverance? From a family that supported him throughout secondary school and university?

Me,I am tired…I feel bad,betrayed by this man. I feel bad for my sister. Please help us,kindly advice on what to do…we have prayed and we are tired.


From Uju


Imo State


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  1. Well, this matter is beyond the ordinary. How can someone you took in as family and gave your sister to marry believe you all are out for him…that is what is called Spiritual manipulation.

    And your sister should stop crying. All she can do is commit this into God’s hands.

    His mind is not right….he is not thinking well. He is being influenced by something or someone….

    No need to cry,just take some time….long enough…to fast and pray and commit him to God.

    This type does not go except by prayers.

    He will come back to his senses…I only hope its not too late by then.

    Let your sister remain calm….let her focus on her self and her children….the man will comeback when his head is restored….until then,pray and live your lives .

    Your family should continue to support your sister until she can fend for herself financially.

    These are tough times,the storm will be over…ask her to be strong and courageous…all will be well.

    God bless

  2. This kind of thing usually happens among the yoruba tribe… It usually happens to the women in particular after suffering & laying your whole life down for a man when he had nothing & suddenly, God lifts him up but because of his lack of wisdom he’s back to square one it is then his family will know that it is his wife that is behind is predicament.
    What a shame!

    Oh! that the world may KNOW who the TRUE enemy is…you see, your fight is not the husband are you listening to me? Just as Mrs Jzhane said, this is a STRONG spiritual battle that needs to be tackled spiritually too.

    You mentioned that he wants to give N1.5M to a so called Prophet for a deliverance when his family are suffering & in pain then, you should know it’s no longer ordinary. He is under the influence of an higher power.

    You all be calm, OK? Just as you have been supporting & loving him, continue in that manner & most especially pray for him because it’s not about him, you are dealing with a force greater than you people & so you need a Higher power to help you save him.

    I strongly believe it will be even as you trust & believe God to fight for you & your sister & God, My God will restore everything that the devil has stolen.



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