Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Coronavirus:1 Month Without S*x Won’t Kill You-Omalicha Elom Warns

Online news outlets have reported that Ebonyi State born actress cum movie producer, Omalicha Elom, has warned that staying away from sex for one month during the Coronavirus epidemic won’t harm or kill anyone especially the ladies.

“If you are a young, single lady, who find it difficult coping alone during this period, one month of no sex won’t kill you. You should be more concerned about your health and not sexual satisfaction. You should stay home and help curtail the spread.

I wish everyone was in a healthy relationship though, and enjoying the outcome and not necessarily feeling bad because of the Covid-19 quarantine and loneliness,”

Ms Elom who says she’s more worried about the condition of some Nigerians who don’t have access to the basic things needed for the isolation period, also called on her colleagues to help out.

“This period, I think celebrities can do a lot to help the situation, especially their fans.We should be able to use our social handles to create more awareness, equip fans with more information and also send relieve materials to those that really needs it,” she stated.

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