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Corona Virus Lock Down Series: What Are My Neighbors Doing?

Hmm, I am struggling with this story. I have read all the stories that have come out of this lock down and I see we are having a big problem on our hands. Not only the fear of the virus but also the breakdown of morals and values. I fear that if this continues,human beings will do anything to please themselves.

We live in a block of four flats. My neighbors and us hardly see each other even though we have lived in that building for years. I do my business online so I am mostly at home. I notice things happening in my building from my room’s window.

I started noticing that some of my neighbors  no longer going to work from Monday.  A few cars were parked in the building so I assumed almost everyone in the building was on the lock down.

My apartment is on the top floor. On Tuesday morning, around 10am. I looked from my room’s window. I noticed that one of our neighbor’s daughter who is a Copper but returned home because of the closure of camp was going to a flat was occupied by a young couple.

I didn’t think much of the girl’s action,I mean…why should I bother if anyone visits anyone in the building. I mind my own business. It was the next morning,I noticed that the man’s wife drove out around 7am. I was like,where is she going. Apparently going to work.

Around 9.30am, I was in bed…my windows opened…thanks to no light from NEPA. I noticed again…the neighbor’s daughter again went to again to the young couples’ flat. I became curious. I watched for an hour,she was still there. My head immediately told me something was going on.

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I stayed by my window even when they brought the light. My husband who is at home now cos of the stay at home order from his office,asked me to close the window,I pretended not to hear him. Around 12 noon,the light went off again. This gave me reason to open my window even wider. The neighbor’s window too was opened.

I took out my trash bucket and went downstairs. I deliberately wanted to go empty the trash so I could find a way to spy on my neighbor. I got close to the window but did not see anything. This was Wednesday. This girl stayed in that apartment till 3pm before she left.

Thursday morning again…at exactly 9am…this girl was at the neighbor’s flat again. This time,I came downstairs and walked around the neighbor’s flat. All windows were locked but the window blind of one of the windows was slightly shifted. Call me a nosy woman but this girl’s mother is one of those deeper people. Always displaying holier than thou attitude. Infact,that is what made me get so curious.

As I suspected, from that small opening from the window blind,I saw this girl and the married neighbor in each other’s arms. They looked very comfortable with themselves. I couldn’t see if they were doing anything but what I saw is that the girl was lying in his arms. I seen enough. I left.

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I told my husband what I saw. He looked at me like a very strange woman. He felt a little upset that I went that length to spy on our neighbor. He told me to mind my business. Just before 4pm,I saw from my window that this girl went back to her apartment.

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Same thing happened on Friday morning. I am minding my business as my husband said but I am struggling with what I have seen. That young couple maybe destroyed by this girl if something does not change. I will continue to watch them from next Monday too.

For one week,this girl goes to our neighbor’s flat around 9 or 9.30. And leaves by 3 or 4. Yesterday,saturday…she did not go there…so where she tell her mother she is going to? Or is the mother aware of her daughter’s indiscretion? I been wondering,how long has this been going on…who else knows…but the poor young woman does not know that her husband is getting daily visits from a young girl in our building.

I am minding my business but I feel so upset that I have to keep quiet .I told my My husband I want to share this on the group,lets hear what others think. What is the christian thing to do. Should someone not advice her or at least alert her mother?  Or continue to mind my business…maybe the mother is involved …anyways,lets hear what others think.

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  1. Hello Madam,

    For the love of God,I suggest that you listen to your husband and mind your business. What two consenting adults who are not related to you in any way do is really none of your business. If you get involved,it might get ugly and you may be embarrassed cos you are not close to them to assume a position of advise or caution.

    And really…you saw them getting cosy…well, what does that prove really? Are you sure of what you saw?

    Lastly,if you really feel a need to be a ‘good neighbor’ (not necessarily a great suggestion)…speak to the gentleman by sending him an anonymous message. The only thing is that they may just change their strategy with regards to how they meet going forward.

    The most Christian thing you can actually do for this couple is pray for them. That their marriage will not break as a result of this because one day,this will surely come to light….then they will have to deal with it.

    How they deal with it…one can only pray that they survive it.



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