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Home Advice Corona Virus Lock Down: My Struggle With Temptation-Pt 1!

Corona Virus Lock Down: My Struggle With Temptation-Pt 1!

Editor’s Note:

This young man needs advise…what would you advise him to do before its too late?

Please hide my ID. I feel so bad about what has happened. I live and share a flat with my cousin from my father’s side. He traveled since early February to Germany (not real name of country).

In early March when Universities were shut down,my cousin’s girlfriend who is a final year student of Unilag came to stay with us even though my cousin was not around. Her family is in Jos. Maybe they felt the school closure will be just a short time,so need for her to travel all the way to the north.

It was fun having her around cos that means I get to eat when I got back from work. Sometimes we just buy suya and netflix and chill. My cousin’s younger sister is also in our house,so its not like its just two of us. We were doing good. Unfortunately,when the closed airports and banned flights into Nigeria,my cousin got trapped in Germany.

With the spread of the virus,everyone is really on the edge. I started working from home this Monday as my office asked some of us to work remotely. Never in my wildest dream would I imagine this: but on Tuesday night, I was in my room,watching a series when my cousin’s girl came . She joined me and we watched the series till 3am.

She then said she would sleep in my room cos she was feeling alone in her room. I asked her to go to my little cousin’s room but she said that the girl sleeps very roughly. I said ok,I would sleep in the sitting room then. This girl said why: that am I afraid of her. She sounded like she was daring me.

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Basically,she was teasing that I am afraid I would be tempted if we both sleep in the same room. I told her,even if we did sleep in the same bed,nothing would happen cos she is my cousin’s girl. I went to the sitting room to sleep and she came to me right there. She laid on me and was stroking me.

I got up and I was trying not to shout not to wake my cousin sleeping in the other room. I kept pushing her away but she kept working on me. I eventually pushed her off and went outside even though it was pitch black.

Sitting out there,all kinds of thought was going through my mind: was this girl trying to set me up or what. I was really frustrated but I stayed outside until around 5.30am. I went back in and this girl was already crying and begging me to forgive her that she was very horny…bla bla bla. I told her it was alright.

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….to be continued

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  1. Hmmm,

    While I appreciate your will to seek advise,let me state this: this feels really like a trap.

    Do all you can to keep away from this girl. Tell your little cousin what she tried to do and please lock your room door every day once you are alone.

    You ca also set her up. Set a camera someone in the house to record her when she starts coming after you.

    If she remains in that house,she might try again…or you might fall for her cos you know her intentions and the temptation can get strongly if the source is still very much around.

    Tell your little cousin and set her up…that is the only way that your cousin will believe that she was the one who came after you.

    Without any evidence,this girl can scheme and say you tried to rape her and your cousin might just believe her.

    Flee all manner of evil….stay away from her with everything in your power. Do not let your guard down for one minute while she is still in that house.



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