Complain With Me Or Join My Train:The Rot Starts & Stops With Us

It is amazing how easy it is to blame everyone but yourself.
Blame Nigeria for not working
Blame our parents for not sending us to the best schools in the abroad
Blame our friends for letting us down when we needed them the most
Blame our pastors for not seeing into the spirit enough to tell us what the future holds.
Blame that Ex for dumping us
Everyone but us are to blame for the various opportunities we think we deserve but then:-
1. There is this guy who was an orphan, had nothing and now manages the branch of a bank
2. There is a girl who was raped and molested by trusted relatives and friends and is still out there looking to find love and willing to give Love a chance
3. There is this teenager who life has not even given a chance as she was born with a terminal disease yet she lives each day like she has a thousand more to live.
I have been complaining for a while. Complains have got me nothing by the way aside from making me sloppy at my work and throwing a pity party for myself at least twice a day( trust me, it is quite draining)
I have blamed everything including the chair I sit on for everything I have wanted to work that hasn’t but not anymore.
Enough is Enough
He left so what?
Mum didn’t send me to the Abroad, So what?
I do not have the Job of my choice, so what?
I am still without child, so what?
The real questions are…..
What do I live for?
Am I fulfilling purpose
Am I seeking that which I ought to?
For us Christians, we already have our paths easy for he gave us the key to a prosperous life.
Seek ye first the Kingdom and every other thing will be added.
Seek I will today.
Will you like to join this train with me?
Dairy Of A Naija Single  Girl
Photo Credit:KOKO Tv
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