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Communication Problems With Wife Is Bothering Hubby- Please Advise!

Good pm ma, how are you & how’s the family ma?

Pls ma, I need your counsel for a friend. I have this friend of mine who loves his wife even though things didn’t go well for them before they got married but now things have really improved.

But here’s the thing ma’am my friend complains about the inability of his wife to communicate with him. So I asked him what he meant by that he said, he understands that women likes to talk about anything & everything but not his wife.

He told me that sometimes he will even be the one to initiate a conversation all his wife does is to ask him things like, how are you, have you eaten, what are you doing, etc after that no more.

So this my friend complains that he doesn’t understand (though they’ve 3 children presently) his wife that her communication level is not what he’s expecting so he ask me if that’s normal so I told him that, let me ask the professionals.

So ma, what can he do or what can his wife do to make sure she communicate more with my friend. The wife naturally to me seems more like an introvert but we will do anything you share with us ma.

Thanks ma

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  1. Thanks. Communication is a two way link. The wife’s inability to communicate effectively maybe due to a lot of factors like existing nature of relationship between both of them. Is he friendly? It is friends that communicate with out hitch. Let them become good friends.
    Secondly ,is she facing some unresolved personal issues. Let him discuss with her intimately. Thanks

  2. Hello,

    Communication is the major key to a successful relationship or marriage. I would advise your friend to be patient and work on helping the wife be a better communicator.

    Thing is:everyone has a way of communicating. Maybe its not always by talking. Maybe you should observe her more,get to know what makes her tick…maybe she likes texts messages or verbal communication.

    To get to that point,he should try and get her to speak to him,heart to heart…or get a professional therapist to help her open up and be better at communication.

    She may not be much of a talker or something may have happened in the past that must have led to her being reserved now.Whatever the case,your friend needs to be patient ,loving and tender in addressing this.

    Let him get materials on emotional intelligence…if he understands her emotionally…their communication will be better too.


  3. It sounds as if they may have a underlying issue and she feels maybe she can’t talk with him. It sounds as a personal issue. You are a great friend bringing issues to subject for your friend. To have someone open up and be vulnerable feeling as far as communication goes. Maybe not her best suit. But it is manageable. He should open up about how he feels. Otherwise how does she know their is a issue. Otherwise sometimes woman feel men don’t want to set an here women’s issues. Sounds like nagging. I wish you all the best. Continue to be a great friend and tell your friend to open up to his wife. He might be pleasantly surprised


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