Childless For Seven Years- My Friend Wants To Leave Her Marriage

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This a question from a whatsapp member. What are your thoughts,how would you advice her friend? Drop your comments below.


Hello House.

I have a friend, she is married for about seven years now but no issue (has not been able to get pregnant) for years. Now the husband’s family are on her neck ( the husband’s family are putting pressure on her to have a baby) and because of that,she wants to quit (leave the marriage)


….. She chatted me up but the problem is beyond me. I don’t even know what to advice or say to her.

She also discovered that her husband is seeing someone else.

And what she can do to get pregnant. She is desperate.


From a concerned friend

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  1. Hello madam.

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s situation. However,tell her that it is not the time to cry and quit her marriage.

    Yes,I know its tough when you are dealing with this type of situation and instead of getting understanding and help from your husband,he is seeing someone else.

    My advice…forget and stop heeding to those in-laws trying to mount pressure on her.

    She should also forget about the husband’s attitude and pray for him. Pray and love him despite his foolishness.

    While praying,she can do the following:
    1. Start fertility treatments. She should convince her husband to do the same

    2. She should consider IVF

    3. She can use a surrogate. They have a community on Facebook that can connect you to a surrogate

    4. She can adopt

    Whatever happens,she should try not to stress herself. I know it is not easy but she has to try and not give up.

    God is faithful…I have seen endless cases of childlessness turned around …her case will be no different…she just needs to hold on..and do not give up.

    All will be well in Jesus name.


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