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Check Out This Week’s Musing With Agie: Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Hey guys….Thanks for your reviews and comments on my last post. You guys made me feel quite comfortable to do this more and more…lol
So…welcome to another week of looking at  different walks of life through my lenses.
Recently I was invited to an outing. It was a get together with lovely people from different works of life and all single. I was going to leave my room for a change and actually speak to real people, in real time with my mouth and not through social media.
It was a very informal simple gathering but dear Lord!!! you would have thought I was being invited to give a speech or attend an interview. I had to do some rehearsals with the mirror and remind myself that I am an adult who can meet other adults away from the work place. It was a great challenge.
Knowing me, I could not let such an experience pass without having some take homes and I hope this will help others especially those who have become hermits consciously or unconsciously.
1. It is okay to be comfortable with yourself and enjoy your own company but this in itself is addictive so ensure you accept a date or 2. Going on dates is not a sin biko, go out have fun, mingle, meet new people and then please go home (Let’s avoid story that touches the heart 9 months later)
2. In this world of fast-paced technology, do not allow your phones take the place of precious moments like a round table discussion with friends bantering and just being plain silly. Do not allow your phones take the place of precious heartwarming hugs and the eye contact that extends love and care between friends.
3. Accept yourself and trust me the world will accept you. This is not an endorsement o but somehow have you noticed Bobrisky has been accepted in some sort (Oya o….come and be going before beating lands on you)
Finally, especially if you are single with all your friends married, don’t cut yourself away from them. Make new single friends but keep your married friends too. Keep them close and learn from them. Who is to say you would not have learnt a thing or two that could save yours when you do get married.
It took loads of energy to get me dressed as I suffered serious panic attacks but eventually did attend and it was one of the most amazing evenings ever.
Moral of this gist: Get out of bed, leave your comfort zone and reach out to others.
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