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Court Warns Man: If You Divorce Your Wife,You Loose Your House!

My order to this effect is that the completed three-bedroom flat on the land be retained as the matrimonial property and the four children are entitled as beneficial owners

My Father Disowned Me Because I Left My Abusive Boyfriend

A Nigerian lady has shared the shocking story of how her parents disowned her and her siblings just because she called off her relationship with her abusive boyfriend.

How I Was Forced Into Marriage With A Disabled Man

Sunny told of the first time Ajay raped her and how he asked his mother for his reward of a bar of chocolate after raping her for the first time.

Nigerian Soldier Laments As Girlfriend Secretly Marries Another

'I was hoping on coming home someday to make her smile again' - Nigerian soldier laments as his girlfriend secretly marries while he is fighting Boko Haram

Its Four Months Separation:Is There Any Hope For Reconciliation?

I became depressed and went into severe shock. While we were treating ourselves,my husband attacked me and said I gave him the Hepatitis.

He Does Not Want To Tie Me Down- What Does He Mean By This?

When I tried to find out what happened,he said nothing,that he just does not want to tie me down. What does that mean? We are both adults

Bride’s Father Cancels Daughter’s Wedding On Wedding Day In Ibadan

announced that the wedding would no longer hold and directed her daughter to return all the things brought by the groom’s family to them immediately without giving any reason.

My Boyfriend Proposed The Night I Planned To Break Up With Him

I felt so horrible about having wanted to break up with someone who wanted to marry me that I let the relationship continue even after I declined his marriage proposal.

Divorce:I Did Every Thing Under The Sun To Keep My Marriage-Pt 3

he has also personally called my wife to his chambers and begged her to back down and withdraw the divorce case as he has not seen any strong grounds for her to go ahead with the divorce.

Divorce:I Did Every Thing Under The Sun To Keep My Marriage-Pt 2

Your wife gave birth to her before she married you, and without telling you, she and her mother planed and brought her into your house as a help so that you can train her and she be close and be brought up by her own mother.

Divorce:I Did Every Thing Under The Sun To Keep My Marriage – Pt 1

I got angry because I expected the truth and possibly an explanation as i had the capacity to forgive her of any slip at that time even infidelity.

I Regret Divorcing My Nigerian husband- Sherifa Gunu |(Ghanaian Singer)

I have kept it for a long time but for somethings, there is no need, you have to move on.” Sherifa Gunu said this during the interview.

To The Men Who Played Games With My Heart:I Don’t Care!

I am broken and cannot be fixed and I have accepted my fate. I sleep with my boss every time we travel and I am at peace with myself.

Another Woman Dumped Before Wedding Day:Is She Too Desperate?

That I was making him uncomfortable with my enthusiasm with the wedding preparation. That my behavior made him believe that I was no longer the one for him.

Tinsel Actress Shares Lady’s Experience Who Was In Abusive Marriage

“what is it that you are covering gan” striping her naked to the full view of everyone including her husband who had absolutely nothing to say except that they were training her.

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