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Is His Strange Behavior A Sign Of Love Or Danger?

It was after our marriage introduction,he got angry when called me at work one time and I told him I would call him back. Sincerely,I was so busy at work,I forgot to call him back and he refused to pick my call after that.

Please Help Me Jzhane: He Wants His Wife Back!

Apparently,whatever the woman did to him has cleared from his eyes. She almost succeeded in killing him. He said he was sleeping when he saw his first wife praying for him

Dumped & Humiliated On My Wedding Day:The Truth, Two Years Later

I asked her to be my chief bridesmaid as I didn't have any other close friend who could play the chief bride's maid role properly.

Chiamaka ‘Social Prefect’ Dumps Her Husband 10 Weeks After Wedding

The tour guide who got married to the love of her life, Aniefiok Ntia, who also is her business partner, took to her social media handle to break the news of her marriage crash.

My Husband’s Mistress Sent Me Their Nudes – I Feel Like Ending His Life!

She is married to a goat in form a husband, with 2kids. But this guy has another mistress some where in the place where he lives and work in Kenya. This has been on for several years.

My Life Was Shattered On My Wedding Day. Was I A Side Chick?

My brother went to Elvis place to confront him but Elvis was not there. In fact,he was not even allowed into the house. He was told by the security that the owner of the house came back last night

Woman Sets Up Her Husband With Her Sister So She Could Divorce Him

 So while she was watching, she decided to lie down on the bed beside me. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, but since I didn’t have any evil intention, I decided to say nothing and besides I was tired and I didn’t want to embarrass her as well.

‘He agreed to marry me but denied me after giving birth to his child

She told the court that Salihu dated her for a year and promised to marry her, only to turn his back on her after getting her pregnant.

Is He Worth Fighting For? See 3 Ways to Get Your ‘Straying’ Man Back

If you ever got to talk and he mentioned those reasons, don’t dispute them. Have the courage to hear the truth in what he is saying, acknowledge it and apologize for it.

My Husband Married An Abroad Wife & He Wants Me To Wait 15 Years!

Last December,my younger brother found out on facebook that my husband was posing with a white lady and two kids on the lady's facebook page. They looked like a couple.

He Did Everything For Me So I Cannot Believe He Is Asking For A...

He was good with me in the beginning, but we had small fights when we went back to his town. He wanted the TV shows back and he still doesn’t post any photos with me. He fought with me because I asked him not to go out with his friends to a club for drinks.

Lady finds her boyfriend’s marriage certificate during laundry

The lady has been dating the man for over a year but she didn’t know he was married and but was using her to get money so that he can relocate to Canada with his wife.

‘I Dated My Co-Worker And It Was An Epic Disaster’

Then I decided I couldn’t avoid conflict any more. I went to his desk and told him I felt like it was getting really awkward and I hadn’t thought it was going to be like this. He didn’t want to hear it.

Revenge Is The Best! My Devilish Cousin Will Never Enjoy Her Marriage

Aisha claimed she was pregnant by Jamil and hence they had to plan a wedding hurriedly. At that point,I began to suspect my cousin. I traveled back to Kaduna that weekend.

Couple divorce 2 months after their societal wedding in Delta State

“From the couple Mr Omorode and Doris , we just divorce now, because the thing nor work. It is good to divorce than for one to die in marriage, I, Mr Omorode have declared that Doris Omoraka is a free woman.

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