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Our S*x Life Needs Help,How Do I Get My Hubby To Agree?

You see,my husband is a traditional man. Its not easy to talk about this kind of issue with him. He can say that I am getting spoilt.

It Was A Truth Or Dare Challenge But My Husband Wants To Leave Me

I stripped of course when I was challenged,I never loose a challenge. And I rubbed myself against this guy who was all too happy to hug me out. I think because of the alcohol too,a couple of other guys came around and started feeling me out.

In Love With My Best Friend’s Widow But His Family Will Not Approve

I tried to explain to Jasmine that it was temporary and I was surprised that she would make an issue out of this for someone grieving the loss of her husband.

Ask Jzhane: I Am Frustrated,Where Are The Single Guys?

A single man specifically. I have had several married men coming after me and as a principle,I have resolved not to get involved with a married man.

Ask Jzhane: My Parents Will Not Approve My Marriage Because….

The girls are not yet married. But I met someone and we have been dating for two years. I met him in my 300 level,now I am doing my NYSC. The guy is my soul mate.

Please Help Me Decide: I Have Feelings For Father & Son

The fact that father and son want me. I have been with my boyfriend for over four months and he still does not treat me like a queen that I am. Whereas,his father is a gentleman.

Ask Jzhane: Will I Ever Find A Decent Man To Marry Me?

I have two children from two different men. I am still a young woman and I wish to settle down one day with a good man. My problem however is that will I ever find any decent man to marry?

Ask Jzhane: Should I Marry My Chronic Womanizer Boyfriend?

During our relationship,we broke twice up cos he impregnated another lady. That one had twins for him. But he came back again and we made up.

Ask Jzhane: How Can I Tell If My Fiance Is Going To Be Abusive?

She said that she witnessed him talking to me in a demeaning way. That he talks to me in a “loud” tone and treats me in a controlling manner. You see,My sister was married to an abusive man and told me that she knows what abuse looks like.

Ask Jzhane: He Has Another Girlfriend,How Do I Make Him Choose Me?

He told me he and his girlfriend just broke up a few days ago. We hung out alot in December,I was already dreaming of being his wife eventually. I mean,we were seeing each other every day.

Man Contemplates Suicide As Wife Treats Him With So Much Contempt

Uche,a pretty lady was the apple of my friend's eyes. Uche could do no wrong in Azu's eyes. He would do anything for her. He would go any length,but her anything could buy.

Single & Widowed: I Have Needs But Marriage Is Not The Answer

But the problem I have now is,I dont want to remarry again. I am a christian and I am not sure its okay to be having sex with someone you are not married to. 

Could My Abusive Marriage Preventing Me From Finding True Love Again?

I want to feel something, not necessarily butterflies but something. I know i care about him and i worry for him and i think about him and i dont want to lose him

Why I Want To Marry My Boyfriend But I do Not Love Him

I was not interested. He seemed like an un serious guy. There were always ladies with him but he kept persisting and I eventually gave in.

My Husband Is Encouraging Me To Cheat With His Brother

She was surprised at such a successful young man was interested in a girl like her. Everywhere they went together,girls,women even men are flirting with Jeff cos he is so good looking.

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