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I Fear That My Fiance Is With Me Out Of Pity Not Love

I asked him if he was attracted physically to me and he said,he has no care for how I look but how my heart is.These words melt my heart.

My Best Friend Is Engaged But Still Sending Nudes To Her Ex

My friend promised to end the 'fun' with Frank and begged me not to say anything.I wondered why she had the pictures in her phone,was she not afraid of being caught

Infidelity Apart-How Do I Live With My Husband After This Incest?

Perfect husband. I took my kids back to my parents place the next day. Since then,I have not been myself. My children want to go back to Canada but I cannot go back and stay with this evil man.

No S*x Before Marriage -Is This An Excuse To Break Up With Me?

I never took notice of the guys, it was while we were in the bus the guys introduced themselves, one of which was a Corper serving in the Barracks as the CLO, as of then.

My Situation Forced Me To Beg But My Husband Calls Me A Prostitute

In short,I don't care if he send me away,he is a coward that cannot take care of his family.What good is there by staying in this marriage?

My Ex Left Me When Things Were Bad – But I Can’t Stop Wanting...

I realized, my girl who claimed to love me with her life couldn't understood my condition rather she started having affair with one of her course mates in school, 

She Stole The Love Of My Life- How Can I Be Blamed For Her...

I actually wanted her to get well. But she only got worse. She eventually passed away last year. It was a  big blow but we mourned her and committed everything to God.

Jobless For 6 Months But My Wife Won’t Let Me Take This Job

But what I did not expect my wife to say is that I shouldn't take the job because it is being offered by my ex's father. Julie is not even in the country at the moment.

Good Enough For S*x But Not Good Enough For Marriage?

He is good in bed but I do not see him as someone I can settle down with. I tried to end the relationship with him when I discovered I was pregnant but he knew

My Sister Is Getting Married To A Hideous Man This Weekend

My sister began to get angry with me that it seems I am not happy for her that she is finally getting married. Because of this her thinking,when I see things that the man does,I just ignore him.

How Do I Stop My Husband From Keeping Malice With Me?

It was a very minor issue which does not warrant him shouting.I kept telling him to calm down but he would not listen.

My Husband Has Wandering Eyes-How Do I Trust He’s Innocent?

So,most times,he gets home earlier than me. So even if I tried to defend him,I do not know if he tried to harass this girl when I was not back from work yet. 

Almost 50..I Fear That I Will Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life

I do not let people know how I feel inside. People think I am used to it by now. But as I near the age 50,I am getting scared more and more.

My Marriage Is Under Threat….I Am Not Sure I Can Do Anything

I have been battling with myself and  I do not know if I should file for divorce. I have two children under five years old. 

My Girlfriend Has A Behavior Disorder But She Calls It Feminism!

I appreciate that she may be trying to instill some values into my little girl but I have explained to her that it don't work like that.

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