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My Wife Accuse Me Of Being Selfish But She Is The Mother Of Selfishness

Even if I am tired,I must oblige her. I feel she is selfish. She just wants a baby. Not me. What about me? Why does she not care about my s*xual needs?

He Promised To Marry Me -But He Wants Me To Get Pregnant First

He desperately wants a child. He wants me to get pregnant. I don’t know if he will fulfill his promise of marrying me if I get pregnant for him.

I Put In 15 Years For This Marriage Yet Betrayal Was All I Got

What my husband has never done for my own children,he was doing for another woman's. My children cannot even talk to their dad because they really do not know him.

They Say My Fiance’s Family Has Skeletons In Their Cupboard

We all have skeletons in our cupboards but what if what my mom is saying is true?? I don't want to disobey my mom because I know she just want the best

I Have Feelings For Their Daughter But I Don’t Want To Ruin Everything

And I guess she likes me too, from the way she behaves.So I really don't know if I should give it a shot or not or wait till she's a bit more matured.

My Fiance is Moving Abroad But I Am Afraid To Join Him

He tries to restrain himself from any situation that will lead to argument. On my own,I know I have bad mouth and maybe I trigger some of his bad behavior so I am learning to watch my mouth too.

I Lost The Love Of My Life & I Am Unable To Love ...

Next thing I saw was her posting pictures of another guy with her on social media. That infuriated me so much. Maybe the male ego thing in me..

My Heart Is Messed Up Even Though I Am Engaged To A Good Man

He is cool,funny but I also feel he is too reserved to the point that he does not show affection the way I would have preferred. We have talked about this several times and he keeps saying he is guarding his heart,that he was too vulnerable in

Should I Propose On Valentine’s Day Or Wait A Little More?

She is quite a romantic. (women right)...and I planned to propose to her this valentine's day but we quarreled last week...it was really hurt me the way she said some things.

My Fiancee & I Do Not See Eye To Eye Anymore: Please Help!

Whilst I do not know for certain how but  I do know that,its only a matter of time before the landlord comes back to make his request again.

I Am Not Jealous- I Only Want To Protect My Husband!

As I write,my husband has not told me what they discussed,I usually do not ask because its like he has a duty to keep his mentees secrets. He only tells me the ones he feels comfortable with.

Torn Between Love & Facing My Responsibility- Please Help!

The older one is level headed-wife-material kind of woman. I am feeling guilty as I do not know who to choose. I am scared they will soon find out about each other and that could ruin everything.

If I Change My Church,Will That Help Me Find A Life Partner?

but here is 40 knocking on my door with no husband in sight. Now,my parents and family now think that there is something wrong with me.

I Am In Love With A Church Girl & She Has Given Me An...

..I told her I can't remember. She said she cannot be with me if I cannot be honest. Just like that,she broke up with me less than two weeks of dating

My Friend’s Husband Wants Her To Quit Her Job – Please Advise!

He did not want to work anymore. My friend became very frustrated and almost left the marriage but one of her husband's friend came to see him and promised to set him up.

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