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My Best Friend’s Ex And I Found Solace In Each Other

He,found comfort from his heartbreak from my friend,I found love when I needed it most. Please don't judge us. We were both at our lows in life and found solace in our company. 

He Is The Ultimate Husband Material But He Ignores Me On Social Media

he is that caring he panics when ever he hears I'm not feeling well. You see him calling always to make sure I'm alright.

He Told Me Several Stories Anytime I Wanted To Meet His Mother

I wanted to go and see the mother but he refused. He said the mother does not like me cos she wanted to choose a wife for him but he refused.

Could I Be The Father Of A Married Woman’s Daughter?

she wanted a reason for a divorce that was why she was messing with me and intentionally got pregnant. She wanted me to marry her and she was ready to leave her husband.

My Ex Wants To Spend Her Summer With My Family….

I asked her if her husband knew we dated in the past,she said no and found no reason to tell him. She told him I was a distant relative and the husband does not mind.

I Feel So Horrible That I Am In Love With My Soul Mate

Bankole is the love of my life. I just couldn't see my life without him in the picture but I did try to sound like I was happy for him.

My Friend Is Stuck With A Man Who Is Deceiving Her,Please Help!

this man was cheating on Ajoke with several girls. She didn't believe it until she read his text messages. That was after three years of living with this man as a fiancee not a wife o.

I Want My Wife Back But I Dont Know What She Wants From Me

This makes me think that my wife's anger issue is hereditary. I mean,see how angry her mother is with me and making my wife leave her marriage with her pregnancy.

I Was Bored But I Made A Horrible Mistake Which Is Unforgivable

I just got carried away and I took a picture of myself and unfortunately,instead of sending it to him,I sent it to my male colleague in the office

My Coworker Is Trying To Make My Life A Living Hell,Please Advice!

My mind is telling me to just keep satisfying this woman at least to keep her quiet while I start looking for another job. I know this may sound selfish but except someone has a more mature and objective advise,I don't know what I will do.

Please Help Me: Boring Church Guy Versus Carefree Fun Guy?

As much as I want to live a successful christian life,I don't want to live a boring life. The dates he ever asked me out on were to meeting in church to pray.

Is His Strange Behavior A Sign Of Love Or Danger?

It was after our marriage introduction,he got angry when called me at work one time and I told him I would call him back. Sincerely,I was so busy at work,I forgot to call him back and he refused to pick my call after that.

I Would Rather Die Than Watch My Wife Leave Me,Please Help!

I made a horrible mistake three years ago. I was in the banking sector. I was doing very fine and taking care of my family and relatives cos I was making good money.

Please Help: My Mother Thinks My Fiance Wants To Divide Our Family!

She eventually agreed cos she saw he was no longer in love with her. My cousin said that was the most painful period of her life. I was in shock when she said what she said.

The Thing I Don’t Want My Wife To Confess…I Cannot Bear It!

In the heat of her anger,she said I am not good in bed and she will go out and find someone to make her satisfied. That hurt me so much. My ego was really hurt

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