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Call Me Paranoid But I Know She Is A Snake After My Husband

She was definitely something men would die to look at and touch.She tried to be friendly with me but I could sense her play. Just like movies,I knew this girl was up to no good.

I Played A Dirty Game But I Was Not Unfaithful To My Fiance

Accusing me of cheating on him with several men.I don't know how I got to where I am in this mess but I am not that type of girl. I got carried away in a dirty game I thought we were just playing.

My Friend Sold Himself & Cut Off His Family To Marry From A Rich...

I mean,he suffered all his life so he deserves to experience some comfort after all. But the first thing I noticed was that Kola's mom or any of his relatives were not invited to the wedding.

Never Really Divorced My Ex: 12 Years After,I Still Crave Him

The marriage was just two years old. I got married to my husband now at the age of 32. And now,I have three children.

No S*x Before Marriage But She Wants To Call Off The Wedding Now

He said he wanted to honor their agreement of no s*x before marriage but that he had to satisfy his needs. He is asking for her forgiveness,saying it was just an emotionless act.

My Wife Has Serious Trust Issues: How Do I Help Her?

My Wife rather got angry that I should tell this 'little sister' of mine not to ever call me again. I was hesitant at first but for the peace of my home I called her and told her call time is very late.

God Please Save My Soul: I Betrayed My Best Friend & My Family

I never liked James,secretly I knew he was a flirt. I think Cynthia knew too but I guess she didn't let that bother her. But when they got married,I felt sorry for her.

After Planning Our Wedding For 3 Years,They Say I Am Not Wife Material

He begged me to wait that I should please bear with him it was not easy for me because already I have told people about my wedding and the date.

I Was A Good Girl But Why Did God Allow This To Happen To...

I grew up with a single mother and I saw the emotional and psychological turmoil she went through,I promised myself that I will give my children a better life but this is where I find myself.

My Fiance Went To A Strip Club & Lied About It When I Caught...

That his friend sent the text in an error. I didn't believe him so later that day,I asked the security guy what time my fiance came back to the house and he said,it was around 4am that mornin

Sixteen Years Of Deceit! My Husband’s Secret Finally Revealed?

She thinks it is the devil at work and she has scheduled me for several prayer houses and deliverance. She thinks that if I could endure these long years I should keep enduring.

My Uncle Or My Girlfriend: How Do I Move Forward Eventually?

She broke down and began to cry. She said she was also in love with me but that we cannot be together. I asked her why,she said she cannot explain that to me.

My Wife’s Attitude Changed After Working For A Few Months

I then told her to wait a while to look for a better job but my wife became restless. Every day she would be complaining that she needs a job. That I am not doing enough to help her find a job.

Should I Break Up With Him?…I Am Jealous Of Her Beauty!

How am I even sure my boo is no longer in love with her. They have a son together and that means they are connected for life. I wish I could get rid of her.

Help!My Baby Mama Left Me & I Am Lonely.How Do I Stop Masturbating?

Infact she empty the whole house cause I wasn't around when she came to packed properties. Now my biggest issue now is that... I'm not the kind of guy that mess around.

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