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I Am In Love With A Church Girl & She Has Given Me An...

..I told her I can't remember. She said she cannot be with me if I cannot be honest. Just like that,she broke up with me less than two weeks of dating

My Friend’s Husband Wants Her To Quit Her Job – Please Advise!

He did not want to work anymore. My friend became very frustrated and almost left the marriage but one of her husband's friend came to see him and promised to set him up.

She Is Everything I Want In A Wife But She Is Too Endowed

She Is all I want In Life Wife... Beauty and Brians But Her Endowment Gives Me Worries And Cold Feet Towards Marriage In Future

Conflicted In My Relationship: Is This Grief Or Love?

I do not know if its just the grief but I think of Lady A all the time. I also think about Lady B. Both ladies mean the world to me.

One Of Us Should Sacrifice For Our Love – Is This Worth It?

I love the unit where I am working. He is also a very important person in our unit. In fact,he is the deputy project director.

We Were Celibate Until I Scattered Everything Now I Am Loosing Him

He pressed further until I had to push him off. He begged and begged but I stood my ground. Eventually,he got up but he began to sulk

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?-Pt 3

I am beyond confused and I have decided to report him to his family...my only prayer is,I hope I do not end up being the victim..they may believe him over me...

Help Me – My Family Seeing Visions That My Marriage Will Not Work

he sprang up saying I can't marry anyone that's from the north. Even if am not marrying my tribe, I cannot be with a northerner...

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?-Pt 2

I confronted my husband about what I read in the girl's diary. He feigned innocence and said he wonders why she wrote that in her diary.

My Mother Thinks My Girlfriend Is Not Wife Material

I thought that was over but four months later,my mom calls me and says if I am thinking of settling with my girlfriend,I should forget it cos she cannot allow me marry such a manner less,rude and jealous girl.

Its Four Months Separation:Is There Any Hope For Reconciliation?

I became depressed and went into severe shock. While we were treating ourselves,my husband attacked me and said I gave him the Hepatitis.

Help My Friend- She Is Getting Married But In Love With Another

However, her family did approve of it all because of age long believe that they related somehow. But two of them are finding it hard to accept.

Did She Die From Depression After Learning Of Our Affair?

He was just like an angel. Sometime he would give money too. I invited him for my birthday. He came. After the party ,he stayed behind and flirted a while with him.

I Built A Wall Of Trust Issues After My Family Betrayed Me

I mean,he was my sister's husband. I was like his little sister too. So,I was free with him and I did not see anything wrong about that.

I Thought About Her For Six Years But Here She Is-What Do I Do?

I remember how she cried and begged me to get her pregnant so her parents would have no choice but to allow us get married.I cried too. I was also confused as a young man

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