After four years and betrayal,she wants to come back…


Angela was the love of my life. I met her about 11 years ago,she had just gotten admission to study pharmacy in the University of Nigeria. She came to our compound  to tell her friend, a neighbor’s daughter Ifeoma, that she had just gotten admission to study in the higher institution. At that time,I just finished my youth service and just gotten a job with one of the banks.

Angela had come to see her friend Ifeoma that Saturday morning. I sighted her as she struggled to open our gate. I came downstairs to assist her. I asked her who she came to see. After that, Angela and I became friends.

It was not hard to actually fall in love with her. She was a smart,funny and very beautiful girl. In the middle of her first year at school,Angela’s father lost his job as a Security man and it became very difficult to cater for their family,talk less of taking care of Angela’s educational expenses.


At the time,I was very sure I was in love with Angela. I immediately began to take up her educational responsibilities. I assured her parents that they did not have to worry ,I was willing to do all I could to see this beautiful girl through school.

To cut the long story short, five years later,Angela graduated from the university with excellent results. I paid all her school fees,accommodation,clothing,etc throughout her stay in school. Her family and herself were very grateful to me. My family already knew Angela and her family as well. My family referred to her as our wife.

After youth service, Angela came back to Port Harcourt and we started actively looking for a job for her. I had spoken to a few friends who promised to assist.

One Thursday afternoon,I got a phone call from a friend of mine in a big pharmaceutical company that they had an opening for Angela to come and occupy. I was ecstatic. I delayed the news until I got home. I made up my mind to tell Angela on Saturday about her new job as well as propose to her formerly asking her to marry me. All these years,I had made my intentions known to Angela. She kept saying she couldn’t wait to be called Mrs Ude (not my  real name please).

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Saturday came,I called a few of my friends and planned a surprise engagement for Angela that Saturday in a very posh hotel. I drove to Angela’s house to pick her up for the surprise.

On getting to Angela’s house,there were several cars parked outside the compound,it was obvious that there was a party going on in the compound. As I entered the compound,one of Angela’s relative who knew me cornered me and took me outside. I asked him what was going,I asked him if somebody died or what. He told me that the family was having an engagement party for Angela!

At that point,I thought it was April fool’s day kind of prank. I told him I wanted to see Angela. He advised me not to,to avoid embarrassment. I insisted and went back to the house. Inside their sitting room,I saw Angela dressed up in traditional attire,sitting down on the lap of a young man. When I was sure she had seen me,I turned back and left the compound.

Angela called me later that evening to say that she was sorry but that she had met someone who she decided to marry and go to live with in Germany. I was devastated. I asked her why she did this to me and she had the guts to say thank you for all you did,I will try and repay you for your kindness.

As days went by,information reached me that Angela had been seeing the young man she got engaged to from youth service. They had dated and everyone knew that except me. The young man was going to study in Germany and wanted to engage Angela before leaving. The young man has bought a car for Angela’s father and mother.

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All these happened four years ago. I was a very broken man after what Angela did but eventually,I started to pick up the pieces of my life to move forward.

Last week,I received a very long  email from Angela. She was asking me to forgive her that she had finally realized that she was very wicked to me after all I had done for her. She said that she found out that the man she got engaged to was a ritualist who charmed her and perhaps wanted to use her for rituals. I was really surprised to hear from her as I thought she had long gotten married to this fellow.

When I inquired,I was told that after the engagement,the fellow left for Germany with the promise that he would send for Angela later on. Four years went by and the man never came back for her. It was discovered from a lady’s facebook pictures that that the man had gotten married to a white lady in Germany and had moved from Germany to America.

My story sounds very unreal,like could this have happened to someone like me in this generation. But sadly it did. People,especially ladies are very greedy. Even after four years,I find it very hard to trust ladies.

Angela’s mom came to my family’s house I was told yesterday to beg. She kept crying and saying that her daughter was charmed. Somehow,I think my mother believes the story a little. She called me this morning to pray about it and consider. She said that God had revealed to her that Angela was my wife. That was why the plan with the other man didn’t work.

Seriously mum?…I cant believe this,can anyone believe the story by Angela and her family that they were all charmed?

Whats your take on this please?



From Port Harcourt

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  1. Lets assume Angela was charmed. did d charm also extend to her parents. they are just greedy people waiting for the highest bidder. Move on with your life. don”t even try to have anything to do with that family again.

  2. Mr Ude, this advice is from a sister.. please forget Angela and move forward with ur life. She is wicked, & only wants to come back to u now cos she has no choice. It’s people like Angela that paint ladies in bad light, imagine Mr Ude’s words “.. People,especially ladies are very greedy. Even after four years,I find it very hard to trust ladies..” Why the heck did she not tell him she wanted to marry someone else instead of leading him on? that’s wickedness! Her family too..?. Mr Ude, Move on, biko and live like Angela never existed. Good riddance!

  3. Angela, n her parents are very greedy set of humans. Sometimes, it’s gud things re happening this way for us behind to learn. To be precise, plz move on n forget about her.
    Thank u!

  4. She and her parents are just greedy sets of people and am sure if you are not financially okay she wouldn’t have come back begging… Pls just forgive her and move on with your life… God will surely provide you your true wife…

  5. Hmmmm! Forgive keh? Angela came back only because she had been dissapoinyed by that man.
    I think it is better you pray for a good wife and not someone like Angela. Your Mum was only saying she is your wife because of the pity and live she has for the lady.
    Better back off from Angela’s danger zone!!!

  6. Mr. udey , run, run and run .. to avoid imminent massacre. and why aren’t you married for the last 4 years. it’s not love that hooked you but foolishness. Once beaten, twice shy. There is no little enemy. Your enemy is begging you to become their friends?

  7. Mr. udey , run, run and run .. to avoid imminent massacre. and why aren’t you married for the last 4 years. it’s not love that hooked you but foolishness. Once beaten, twice shy. There is no little enemy. Your enemy is begging you to become their friends? There is evil influence surrounding you and you are behaving like a pawn in their hands.


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