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My Friend Needs Help To Choose His Soulmate-Please Help

this girl became detached even though she knew this my friend loves her. My guy lives in a different city from her but he tries to communicate, he pampers and all but theirs this little stubborn and ego she has.

Four Years In A Relationship But No Marriage Plans Until Now

his friend took advantage of me. Well,he kissed me. I should have resisted but all I said was a weak no and we both had s*x. I was so upset with myself cos I felt I had crossed a line of no return.

Our Marriage Was A Happy One Until My Status Changed

He will be saying things like I should marry my job since its more important to me. Actually,I realized that my husband was hoping to get the same promotion I got but he has been denied several times.

My Wedding Is In A Few Weeks But I Just Discovered A Dark Past

I was wondering which one to keep or throw away so I had to play them one by one in the DVD to determine which one was still good or which ones are bad so I can throw them away.

My Husband Says I Am Bad Luck To Him- Please Advise!

Immediately we rented our house my husband stop working, he will collect people money to repair their phone but he won't repair them he will spend the money on bet naija and different games.

He Says My Career Is Not Good For A Married Woman-Please Advise!

Always calling me,where are you...are you on set,which meeting are you having,why are you not back,is this how a wife and mother stays away from her family...etc.

Married For 8 Years But I Have Never Experienced The Real Thing

I did not know a woman can derive pleasure from having s*x with her husband. I always thought of s*x as a woman's duty to her husband.

My Fiance Said I Am Inconsiderate But Is This Not For Our Good?Pt 2

He also said that when I decided to leave the island, why did I move to gbagada and not Alapere and that I should never suggest that to him ever again

My Son Is A Constant Reminder Of Love But There Is A Big Secret

My husband got angry that I dared call his side chick. He beat me and since that time,I stopped caring about him. We lived like strangers in the same house.

He Almost Cheated – Can I Still Trust My Guy After This?

my guy told her that he love her , that he said the first day he meet her he could not concentrate.My sister told me everything I couldn't believe her because I trusted this guy so much.

I Do Not Know What To Believe- My Boo Or Just A Red flag?

Something happened last night and I dont know to address it. Please advise me. His best friend had his birthday party last night and invited us over. It was a very cool party...food,drinks and fun.

My Husband Got His Birthday Present By Forcing Me To Do This

I actually wanted to give him a very good time,at least something so good even if he does not get his anal. The hotel was fun. We had an exotic dinner. Dance,had a few drinks and the mood was set.

We Were Together For 5 Years So He Will Always Care For Me

He agreed. He wished me well. Just two days ago,he called me. I did not want to pick. I ignored it. He is someone that will always care for me. We loved each other so much.

My Husband Said I Was Not His First Choice-Please Advise Me

I knew so I did not bother him until he told me they were no longer together. I did not know how they broke up but its clear he somehow still had feelings for her. That I discovered after we had this conversation.

My Fiance Said I Am Inconsiderate But Is This Not For Our Good?

I would have channeled that money into our accommodation and we would just manage with whatever we have for d main time. I spent about 450k on all the items I ordered. 

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