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My Husband Is A Jerk But I Want To Make Our Marriage Work

I am trying but the continued presence of my husbands friend is making it difficult for me to keep being faithful to my husband

My Blood Brother Stole My Happiness & Threw The Family Into Confusion

I don't understand how her family agrees to this disturbing and selfish decision of their daughter. My brother is even the greatest betrayal

Tit For Tat- Is Her Fiance Paying Her Back In Her For Her Indiscretion?

he forgave her and that is true. My friend and her guy were just getting to know each other earlier on in their relationship.

My Life Just Took A Dive From Bad To Worse- Please Help!

They all kept saying that after I give birth,they would take my baby and chase me away. I was too ashamed to tell my parents so I suffered in silence.

Just A Year After My Marriage -What Happened To Us?

I traveled to a different state,but when I was away I noticed quite a lot,he stopped calling like usual,sounds weird on the phone.

My Husband’s Brother Disrespects Me In My Own Home

I find that truly disrespectful and I told him to stop that but he said I should be the one calling him brother or uncle cos he is my husband's brother.

My Fiancee Suffers Hormonal Imbalance – Is This A Deal Breaker?

I met this wonderful lady about two years ago. Her pretty smile got me the very first time. We became friends over a couple of months

I Am Determined To Be The Best Husband But I Need Help

Truth be told,I am not an addict but I am a very virile man. I cannot talk to my wife about this cos that will not be good.If I talk to my fellow guys.

See The Excuses My Fiance Is Giving For Delaying Our Marriage!

I checked,the ring was still there. I then took the bull by the horn and asked him if the ring was for me. He laughed and said yes. 

My Friend Insults Her Husband In Public -Does He Deserve it?

It became awkward sitting with the man. He just faked a smile and said,its ok,that they have a small issue and that they will deal with it later.

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?

I have been trying my best to be a good wife just to make my husband happy..why will he do this to me?

I Want To Break Up My Engagement -Should I Wait For Him?

he would stop misbehaving and yes,I was heed over heels in love,my friends were getting married,the idea of being engaged sounded so surreal to me.

Is This A Doomed Marriage – She Under Spiritual Attack

Now,the lady has ceased sending sms but she now goes around spreading stories to my friends and family members to warn their daughter to stay away.

Could This Be A Sign That My Girlfriend Is Cheating?

I liked that. I also would like to settle down before the end of next year. So far,she said no s*x and I respect that too.

I Love My Girlfriend But Her Tears Is Keeping Us From Moving Forward

I thought it was just being a woman but my goodness,we can be having an argument and she starts crying instead of her to see through the argument for us to have a clear resolution.

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