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To Tell Or Not To Tell- How Do I Completely Leave My Past Behind?

But when I told him about my past,his behavior towards me changed. I confronted him but he denied it but I just knew he could not handle it so I told him lets go our separate ways.

Stuck In Love For Seven Years Of False Promises:Help Me!

I cried and cried but I tried to move on. About six months later,Jeff came back,begging and all.And I went back to him. He promised to change but nothing changed.

My Mother Or My Brother-law: Who Is More Important?-Pt 2

I was actually quite surprised at my husband's sudden take that his family has more right to our home than my family. You know,

Help: My Sister Is Inconsolable-What Do I Say To Her?

She has cried and cried. The funny thing is,the husband and the children's' visa is ready and she wants to take only her children,no longer her husband anymore.

My Mother Or My Brother-law: Who Is More Important?

First,I thought he was joking cos that was just a mean thing to say knowing that my mother was only living with us just to help us.

Still On Addiction: My Marriage May Not Survive This!

Maybe no man can satisfy her. I left her to her addiction cos when I tried to intervene she refused bluntly saying ,I should go and treat myself to be a man...

Our Marriage Is Threatened By Addiction:Please Help!

I don't like this thing and I had found out all in his mobile and confronted him many times so he says thats he just need to masturbate after some time.

We Cheat On Each Other:Is Marriage Possible For Us?

he will continue his lifestyle with meeting other ladies. He then said he thought I did not mind. He also said he does not mind me being with other men even though we get married.

How I Sacrificed Everything For A Wicked Man & Nothing!

People used to call him proud and arrogant but I was in love. That looked to me like people were just jealous. But now,I see the real Taye.

I Have Forgiven My Girlfriend But Can Our Relationship Still Work?

When I came back for break, I had to ask her more questions, that was when she was saying all these with difficulty.

He Engaged Me But How Do I Know If He Is Serious?

Good morning good people... Am shattered..please advice me on what to do... My fiance and I have talked marriage. We spoke 4 days ago but he didn't tell me he was back in the country. Although...

My Man Changed His Life But His Confession Is Destroying Us!

When I spoke to her,she laughed a very evil laugh and hissed. That made me think she was not sorry or maybe the affair is not over.

Our Love Shattered In Many Places:Can We Ever Mend This?

Only once according to him but she ended up getting pregnant but Tunji is denying the pregnancy. He is demanding a DNA test but the girl's mother said no.

Tried Everything To Change My Fiance:He Just Does Not Get Me!

I love to feel,I do same for him. I buy him stuff...I invite him to go to movies etc....he does not want to. He will say he is busy,hustling for our future,etc.

Having S*x In My Dreams For Over Ten Years: Fantasy Or Curse?

Everyone has s*xual fantasy. If we are being honest. Mine is having s*x with multiple women and I get to fufill that fantasy in my dreams.

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