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My Fiancee Gave Up On Me When I Lost & Became Depressed

My fiancee does not like it and feels uncomfortable about this. She told me that she will not be fighting with another woman for my attention.

Messed Up & Damaged:How Do I Stop Pushing Away Love In My Life?

One day,I just snapped. I became a terrible person once again. This sweet guy did not know what happened to me. He left me with tears in his eyes.

Marriage Has Brought Me Nothing But Shame And Disgrace

I warned her against such but she just refused to heed. I know my family affairs became their gossip topics anytime she went to see them. 

Can Our Marriage Survive The In-laws Fight All The Time?

I had received several missed calls from my siblings and relations. Everyone was upset and cursing my wife for ''chasing'' mama out of my home.

My Husband’s S*xual Fantasies Are Very Disturbing To Me- Pt 2

I am sorry,I am young in marriage,maybe I should not have gone out to post this. My husband and I took time to talk after this. He explained to me that he will never cheat on me.

My Husband’s S*xual Fantasies Are Very Disturbing To Me

I promised him that I was going to be fine no matter what they are. I told him mine. After all they are just fantasies right? My fantasies will be to make love on the beach and we did that actually.

I Almost Lost My Manhood But I Ended Up Becoming An Addict

He gave me some drugs which I use for a while but I was still not getting any better. Nine months after,we were still on this matter. By this time,frustration had set in.

Blind Sided By Love And Friendship: How Should I Fight Back?

I asked her why she took a picture with my ex and why does he have her on his dp. She was quiet

How Do We Begin To Build Trust Back Into Our Marriage After This?

how can I forget about my husband's indiscretion with this woman. Our marriage is less than 3 years and he was cheating with this woman for over 3 months until I found out.

Did My Ancestors Destroy My Chances Of Finding Love?

I think someone gave her a prophesy that I have a spirit husband who will not allow me get married to any man until I am fully delivered.

My Husband Wants Me To Have Another Son But Is This A Trap?

what am I even enjoying in this marriage?Nothing!,...my only concern is that he says that he will make sure I do not see my children again if we divorce.

I Put In 15 Years For This Marriage Yet Betrayal Was All I Got-...

I have thought of dating someone else, I have even discussed my feelings with my husband before but we almost quarreled over it and I decided to let the sleeping dog lie.

My Husband Needs Help But He Keeps Saying He Is Fine

I was touched by his story. I couldn't believe what he went through. But he has been able to move on with his life. However,he does not contact any member of his family

My Mother & My Husband Refuse To Get Along On Anything

I cannot wait to have this baby so that peace can come back to my home,when mom leaves but I cannot tell you how much this situation is troubling me.

My Marriage Situation Is Getting Worse & Affecting My Son

now my biggest worry now is that,it is beginning to affect my son. For the past one year,I see that my son has changed and he has become a bully in school. 

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