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Please Help: How Feminism Is Destroying My Marriage

r that she is not in the mood. Now,the repercussion is that,I like s*x and she is making me nurse thoughts of cheating.

My Marriage Needs Help: I Am Tired Of Pretending-Please Help Me!

There was a time,I started making some health foods and drinks to try to help his quick release but my husband refused to take them.

In Love With A Jobless Man But My Mother Forbids It

That even if the guy comes with money to marry me that she won't accept. Just because he was flaunting me on Facebook.

My Girlfriend Is Getting Married To A Man She Does Not Love

he is a man who marries and Divorce and humiliate women after pleasure but the parents due to materialism and ignorant they are forcing she must go to him.

Help Me:He Said He Loved Me But I Think I Just Pushed Him Away

Please advice me on how to easily ease myself of the hurt I'm facing.I can't even focus, I deleted his no but I am tempted to call him cos I know his no by heart.

I Need Advise:What Does My Boyfriend Mean By:God Is In Control?

Please, what does that mean?What does he mean by the statement above? Since then, this does not pick my calls any more. What can I do.  Because I want to ask if by any way I have offended him?

My Fiance Threw My Iphone Inside The Toilet.How Can I Forgive Him?

I left him and told him it was over. We didn't speak for 2 days. I cried and mourned our love. By the 3rd day,he came to beg me and apologize.

Heartbroken Wife Wants Husband Jailed For Murder:Please Advise!

In the heat of all these he ran away from the house and someone confirmed they saw him somewhere so I immediately got him arrested after he confessed to his mischief.

My Secret & Pain For The Men Who Left Me & Took From Me

I felt quite paralyzed by his touch. I tried to fight him very feebly. He told me it was not wrong since he was not my biological father.

How I Discovered My Wife Is Hiding Things From Me:Please Advise!

it was for this same reason I gave her that she did not tell me about her houses and land. In her words: for fear of losing it all when I found out. 

My Friend Needs Your Advise:Will Her New Boyfriend Accept Her?

And eventually she decided to leave but the day she made up her mind she had a serious beating from the man that she could hardly walk. So she left him they are now separated

I Yearn For A Relationship But Men Just Want To Sleep With Me

I was so ashamed of myself. I eventually left and broke up with my boyfriend who did not seem to have any time for me anyway.

Is Polygamy A Sin For A Christian? It Seems To Be My Only Option!

I just wish he would divorce that lady if they are not in love but I guess their social status is more important to them....I never planned to be anyone's side chic but in this case

Long Distance Relationship: We Are Having Communication Problems

But it seems we are not connected because our communication is poor and because of that, everything he planned doing was put on hold.

Please Advise Me: Can I Still Marry My Fiance After What He Did?

his made my cousin reach out to the lady. She chatted with the lady and the lady confirmed that my fiance is her boyfriend but that they are having issues.

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