Friday, September 20, 2019
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I Need Advice: Where Is My Relationship Heading To?

I feel very comfortable with no need to hide any detail when I talk to him. We reason alike also although I sometimes think he just agrees with me to get by.

Husband Responds: All I Wanted Was For My Husband To Tell Me …

I made up my mind to get my wife back. I began to change,hoping she would too. I became scared when she was not responding to my advances as much.

All I Wanted Was For My Husband To Tell Me I Am Beautiful

I told him I was married,he apologized but asked if he could at least buy me some ice cream. I saw no harm in that.

Friendship Or Love: Which Choice Is The Best For Me?

I asked her what she thinks,she says she loves me too and would break up with this my friend to be with me.

I Suspect Something Wrong With Me- Have I Missed My Marital Destiny?

I said yes to him that time because I was told that he's my future husband but since have met him he has never make me happy for once

Does Religion Matter When We Both Love Each Other?

Frankly speaking, he's got all the qualities I need in a man...Though to him, he doesn't see religion as a barrier... He is even willing to convert

My Fiancee Keeps Messing Around:How Do I Plan Our Future Together?

This is somebody that  will be with me by next week here to do her internship. I even thought she was reading (focusing on her books) not know she was with another (guy).

My Fiancee Dropped A Bombshell: Now She Thinks I Am Wrong

I left with so many questions in my head and anger for not being told after almost one year of dating. She called me the next day,I did not pick up. She sent a text saying she was sorry.

Love: How I Chose What Is Best For Everyone But Myself

I loved Marcel with all my heart. He was my first and I will never stop loving him. He and I used to dream of our lives together. Well,until someone set him up.

My Sister’s Goal Is To Be His 5th Baby Mama: Please Advise!

Nma has always been the more stubborn of us twins. She always liked to have her way. My mom raised us with our brothers when our father passed on about 16 years ago. 

I Messed Up My Marriage Because Of My Stupidity

I regret every minute of my foolishness and I have been begging my wife. She moved out a week later and has said she wants a divorce. My heart is broken. I have used everyone to beg her.

My Husband Wants Me Back But There Is An Elephant In The Room

I took a walk,I parked my things and left,I left march this year,he sent series of text to me that I should never border coming back.

Please Advice: Will She Ever Be Ready For True Love?

I did not hear from her for a whole week. I got to her place and was told she went out. I waited until 9pm. When she came back,she was dropped off by her former abusive ex.

He Broke My Heart & I Took Revenge-Is This My Reward?

I asked him why his wife left him when he was so good in bed. He laughed and said his wife always loved s*x more than him and he had to keep up with her.

I Thought This Was Love But My Life Is Being Threatened

He assured me his wife knows woman are part of the ills of being a politician. I asked if Kisha knew,he said no and I should keep it that way.

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