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Ours Is Young Love But How Can We Overcome All Odds?

Not that he doesn't trust me..but he wants me to know how serious he is about us...about him getting to marry me 5 years to come....that he wants us to make an oath....

My Desperation Compromised My Relationship & I Am Confused

My friend advised me to settle the lecturer so I went to see her. I pleaded with her and offered to do anything to help my situation.

How Politics Divide Us – My Relationship Is Being Threatened By Politics

I personally have no care for politics but when he told me he will one day run for political office,I have come to accept the fact that I will be involved with politics in one way or another.

My Friend Is Engaged But Dreaming Of Another Man

The first dream she had was that they were in a program sitting together and suddenly the guy started to think in his mind saying and I like this girl oooo,but I don't know how to express my self

Please Help Me Save My Relationship -He Hardly Speaks To Me Anymore

He doesn't call often anymore. Can't even remember the last time he said anything nice to me. He hasn't said anything about the marriage thing. He sees me once in a while.

I Went Through A Horrible Marriage-How Do I Avoid Another Mistake?

Since then,I noticed he has been avoiding making eye contact with me. I did not talk about the text message but now,its so obvious that there is an elephant in the room.

My Future Wife Has A Different Idea On Marital S*x

She made it clear that she does not do casual dating. She wanted a commitment that would lead to marriage eventually.


he decided to solve things but along the line,the lady insisted aborting it.How they solved their issue was another story!Truthfully, it nearly cost my marriage.

My Baby Mama Does Does Not Want Marriage To Tie Her Down

She said she did not want to be tied down by marriage because she felt I should have proposed to her early on before the prison sentence.

I Tried To Keep My Dream Job But I Made An Emotional Mistake

I am sorry but when I took the money,I lied to my husband that my office gave me a bonus for my hard work. I used the money to buy an electric sewing machine that I have been dreaming of

I Do Not See Any Future In My Relationship: Please Help!

He says his dream is to make music but its very hard to make it in the entertainment industry. The small money he makes,he puts into studio sessions to make music.

Exhausted & Desperate Wife Plots To Stop Husband’s Infidelity

I suffered and cried many nights. I was in depression until God answered my prayers with my first twins. People encouraged me that the children will stop him from cheating,and it did

To Err Is Human But This Betrayal Is Too Much For Me To Handle

She then said,I should ask Frank. That he is not what I know him as. I was shocked. I probed further to get what she was referring to and she told me that when I broke up with Franks

My Elder Sister Is Blaming Me For Her Husband’s Infidelity

I was so angry and I actually fought her. The he-goat of a husband just left us in all the chaos. That is the first time I would ever be involved in a fight with anyone in my life.

Help: I Am In Love With Two People-Who Will Be The Better Man?

We are planning to meet the mum and the rest of his family in Calabar but the way he is planning it he said unless he makes up to 5 million and unless a good contract hits him he can't travel or see anybody.

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