Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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My Husband Cheated With His Ex And He Blames Me For This

Peter was so devastated and embarrassed. Everyone was shocked. I helped Peter get up and told him it was ok. I comforted him and helped him get home cos he was in no shape to go on his own.

My Mom Says He Is Not Good Enough For Me But I Am In...

That any man who cannot woo a woman properly will not appreciate the woman when they get married.Yes,my mom maybe right cos Godwin has not bought me things the way my ex boyfriends used to.

My Life Was Shattered On My Wedding Day. Was I A Side Chick?

My brother went to Elvis place to confront him but Elvis was not there. In fact,he was not even allowed into the house. He was told by the security that the owner of the house came back last night

No Intercourse For Two Years,Help,I Cant Wait Anymore!

My strenghth is failing me i cant bear it any longer.I always feel the urge now.Please mamas what should i do? thanks

He Broke My Heart But He Wants Me To Dump My Fiance

If you are not ready for kids ,it means you are not ready to marry me. We argued and broke up because of this. It was a very messy break up and I was really shattered.

I Thought My Marriage Could Survive Anything But Incest!

She looked back at me with so much anger and almost hatred and said,Seun and I have a son and he is this boy right here. He was conceived 10 years ago.

My Husband’s Neighbor Cooks For Him,Am I being Paranoid?

That night,I couldn't sleep. I was thinking all kinds of thought. I have heard so many stories about how promiscuous Port Harcourt girls were. I imagined that this girl was already planning to seduce my husband if not that they have already started cheating.

My Husband & His Sister Are Threatening Me,Please Help!

So all the money I made from my petty trading went into providing for the family and assisting my husband with his schooling. I did not plan to have a fourth child but I guess mistakes happen.

Is My Uncle’s Wife An Ogbanje?..Their Marriage Is In Trouble!

My uncle loves his wife so much but he says,he has never really enjoyed his marriage since they got married last year. Hence,he has called for a family meeting this Easter for the family to decide what to do.

Help,I Love My Mom But She Stands In The Way Of My Happiness

She unconsciously put the fear of the yorubas into me while growing up. She would tell me how my father's people treated her,how they made almost commit suicide etc.

Desperation Made Her Do It. Can God Forgive Us For The Abortion?

She said she begged and begged him but the landlord would not listen.She eventually succumbed cos she couldnt bear to see her daughter cry again for missing school.

Ladies Beware: Protect Your Man From So Called Friends!

Angel was so naive she didnt even notice when her friends started flirting with me. I mean,we would be hanging out and before you know it,they were flashing their boobs and lady parts when Angel wasnt looking.

My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With His Ex, How Do I Make Him Forget Her?

She wanted to travel the world but he wanted to concentrate and grow his business. They eventually broke up when he quite his job in an Oil and gas firm to start off a consulting job.

My Husband Married An Abroad Wife & He Wants Me To Wait 15 Years!

Last December,my younger brother found out on facebook that my husband was posing with a white lady and two kids on the lady's facebook page. They looked like a couple.

Our S*x Life Needs Help,How Do I Get My Hubby To Agree?

You see,my husband is a traditional man. Its not easy to talk about this kind of issue with him. He can say that I am getting spoilt.

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