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I Was Trying To Help But I Am In Love With My Uncle’s...

She has had an abortion for me cos we didn't want my uncle to know she got pregnant for me. We were warned to always use protection but we could not follow that rule. 

I Am Tired Of Being My Husband’s Mother For Six Years!

My husband refused to get another job for years and stayed at home but he wouldn't help with the house chores either. 

I Lost Hope In Relationships But My Rebound Landed Me In A Mess

I entered two different relationship (all without s*x), but while the first was highly deceptive, the second was manipulative and emotionally traumatizing.

My Husband Is Ashamed Of Me But I Got What I Wanted

I am so happy about this pregnancy even if it was not planned. I told my husband when I discovered and he was like,ok,

Is Your Wife Starving You S*xually?You Are Likely Making These Mistakes

Studies show that marital satisfaction is higher when spouses consider each other to be their best friend. A deep emotional intimacy leads to a better s*x life.

Help!..How My Wife’s Betrayal Led To My Addiction

This betrayal created a rift between him and his wife and before you knew it,he started patronizing prostitutes.

First My Buddy,Now My Cousin:Is This Babe A Runs Babe?

The babe was my buddy's former babe..yes,the same one who cheated on her boyfriend. Of course,the babe was shocked I knew her latest victim.

I Was Bored But I Made A Horrible Mistake Which Is Unforgivable

I just got carried away and I took a picture of myself and unfortunately,instead of sending it to him,I sent it to my male colleague in the office

I Forgave Him But I Don’t Think I Have Forgotten,How Do I Marry Him?

I didn't have any reason to be uncomfortable with their friendship cos we all hang out every week. She and her husband come to Dele's apartment often and we also come around theirs. They are a nice couple.

Dumped & Humiliated On My Wedding Day:The Truth, Two Years Later

I asked her to be my chief bridesmaid as I didn't have any other close friend who could play the chief bride's maid role properly.

All I Wanted Was My Father’s Love But I Received Abuse & Pain

One day i summon courage to tell my mum that am searching for my father and surprisingly, she told me if that is what i want i should go ahead. She then gave me his full details but still wouldn't tell me what happened between two of them and i didn't stretched it.

The Dream Was Abroad: The Cost Was Losing My Family & Love

At least,if I couldn't go abroad,I could have sugar daddies and rich boyfriends to spend on me. As early as 14 years,I was already having sugar daddies and rich boyfriends.

Are Women Really “Fish Brain” …Why Am I So Obsessed About Her?

It took a while for me to recognize her. I took her no and called her later on. She told me how she dropped out of school cos she didn't have the money then.

My Wife Or Her Best Friend: How Do I Make This Hard Decision?

She can’t be the one. How come? We were all afraid until she told us her story.She told us that she was one of the people rescued in the accident but later fell into coma and after she came out of coma she could not remember anything or anybody

All Was Fine Until My Husband Fell In Love With His Best Friend’s Widow

My husband replied that he wanted her too but that he is married and cannot loose his family. I was livid when I found out. I  threw tantrums.

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