Friday, September 20, 2019
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This Lady Is About To Give Up:Is There Any Hope For Her Marriage?

As her best friend,she made me swear not to tell anyone but my conscience is killing me. I cant even tell my husband. I do not know what to do.

Please Help Me Save My Relationship From Shame!

I cried and blamed myself but the next day he kept on apologizing and begged me not to tell my fiance. I was confused and telling my fiance will cause more trouble

Help: I Just Lost The Only Person Who Ever Really Believed In Me

I thought he was joking nut after a year of dating,all we ever did was kiss. I couldn't count my luck. It also made me very apprehensive. I tried to protect him from other women.

It Was A Harmless Office Friendship That Meant No Harm!

I always caution him..right from time.I always make sure am plain with him but he shows unnecessary attention and when I noticed its becoming too much, I tried drawing back

Found Out My Fiance’s Bad Secret: Can I Still Marry Him?

I have been encouraging him and praying for him but it looks like things have gone from bad to worse. Now,he has been placed on final warning

How Do I Tell Her That I Do Not Believe In Getting Married?

She makes life look easy. But these days,she keeps hinting that she needs to know where our relationship is going. Or else,she needs to move on.

My Feelings For Her Is 50/50…I Am Confused,Please Advice

The truth is if she's not with me, I have the feeling of not letting her go and when she's around there's a feeling of letting her go. Just a 50/50 feeling.

Stuck With My Abusive Baby Daddy With No Where To Go!

I packed my clothes in a poly bag and went to his house.He started maltreating me anyhow, calling me any abusive name. I will cry from morning till night

No Man Can Have You If I Cannot Have You:My Baby Daddy!

Some days I feel so depressed and I do not know what to do. I am now 37 years old.. I want to be married.My BD provides occasionally for us

Is My Wife Controlling Or A Caring Wife: Please Advice!

is this the way other marriages are? it a good thing to just focus on only ourselves for now? She says when we have made it before we can help others...

Pretty Sure My Luck With Men Has Run Out:Please Advice Me!

Eventually, he called saying that rubbish him by not allowing him to touch me. I told him that I am not into such relationship. I have not heard from him since then.

What Should I Do: I Cannot Get Married or Be A Parent Now?

Then she ask what was wrong I complained telling everything is not going well for me and now a girl is pregnant for me and she’s saying that she want abort the pregnancy.

People Think I Am Crazy But I Found Love In The Tough Place

He sometimes feels I look down on him cos of his lifestyle. Its a crazy love situation for me but it makes me quite excited.

My Husband Treats Me Like A Child: I Cannot Live Like This

Am emotionally down all this while.The last time I confronted him about his life style, he told me that he came from rich home and ladies most like him

Helplessly In Love With Someone Loyal To Another: Please Advise.

I must have held myself so much until I could not anymore. We made out more and more. I asked her to marry me.

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