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Office Romance Series Pt 1: Read My Experience & Advise Me Please.

We hid our affair for a full year. The best part was I was truly in love and I thought he too was in love with me. The excitement of hiding in office

How Do I Choose Between Two Great Choices: Please Advise

I can say,I am under his charm. I told him I am single but the other guy in our department is interested in me. He laughed saying: which man will not be interested in me cos you are so beautiful.

I Am Depressed : I Do Not Want To Loose My Husband Or Children

I know how people with scd suffers. I dont know what will happen to my marriage or my subsequent children because my husband likes children and this is our first child.

My Marriage Is Suffering:I Can No Longer Manage My Wife’s Problems

I met her at a conference. I was amazed at her level of intelligence. we clicked and chatted over time. That was how I knew she was in an abusive relationship.

I Am Afraid Of Marrying The Wrong Lover: Please Advise!

We chatted for a while and suddenly we fell in love not knowing he was actually engaged to someone but I didn’t know about it until he broke up with her that was when he told me about it.

Should I Feel Responsible For Breaking Up This Relationship?

got into another relationship. I actually thought I was going to settle down abroad so I asked my boyfriend to move on. I dated a few times too.

She Married A Very Rich Man But She Is So Miserable-Please Advise

I realized that since I got married,my sister's attitude towards me changed. At first,I thought it was because of the pressure she was facing in her marriage but my husband said she may be jealous.

The Strange Man Called Her Honey: How Is He Just A Friend?

I turned and I could not get the face cos she was bent over looking her phone. I moved closer to try to say hello and she looked up...she recognized me,her mouth dropped

My Sister Needs To Receive Sense: Her Husband Is Selfish!

This man returned to my sister and my sister accepted him. The family was so angry. But my sister told everyone to calm down,that its her husband,she loves him.

Stealing From An Ex: Is My Wife Actually A Thief Or What?

My wife told the ex to allow her use the money as loan,that she was in desperate need of money for an emergency. So he allowed her to use the money. But since my wife got the money,she has been defaulting to repay the loan.

Today’s Big Question: Is Flirting Really Harmless Fun?

The word ‘flirting’ often fills people with dread or excitement. Either way, when you’re single and looking for someone, it’s something you will probably have to do at some point.

I Cannot Confess To My Wife But I Am Trying To Save My Marriage

Well,that is not happening. I would rather die than tell my wife. Cos,she trusts me with her life. That trust if broken,I cannot live anymore.

My Brother Is Getting Married But The Family Is Not Happy

This girl refused to join me in the kitchen,saying she cannot cook and does not believe in a woman cooking. That she plans to get a chef when she gets married.

All The Reasons We Cannot Be Together Makes Me Want Her-Help

I knew I liked her alot but we are just like family. The more I saw her,the more I wanted her. I was single. I am 36 years,she is 39. I thought about this for a long time

Should I Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Or Confront This Allegation?

my husband cos he clearly does not see what he is doing as wrong. Since then,I dont see him with my husband anymore. If they see outside,I dont know but I have not seen him in our house since.

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