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Money Issues: How Do I Handle The Situation With My In-laws?

I am married for almost six years and my husband is not working. Since then, I do almost everything in the house that to even take care of my parent in terms of need I can't.

She Is Making A Big Deal Out Of Nothing:Is This Petty Or Red Flag?

My fiancee is giving me attitude about this and frankly,she says our wedding plans are on hold until I do what she wants....that is taking it too far and its making me wonder what kind of woman she is...

My Fiance Has Money Problems:Can We Still Get Married?

He is a good guy but he never has money on him. He does not spend on me. Instead,am the one spending. Even on my birthdays,he will not buy anything meaningful.

This Man Loves Me:I Am Excited But Also Afraid:Please Advise!

One day,I took his phone,I tired several passwords until I cracked it open. I went through his phone and saw that he was chatting dirty with this girl in the past 2 months or more. 

My In-Laws Have Done Nothing But Humiliate Me:Please Help!

Her daughter and started to rain insults on me. All through the insults,I did not respond. After insulting me,she handed the phone back to my mother in-law.

My Fiance & His Ex Spent Christmas Night In The Same House!

My fiance tried to allay my fears and at least stay with me but that visit today was horrible. I felt choked having that woman around. I just wanted to leave.

My Wife Is Not Talking To Me: What Did I Do Wrong(Wife Reacts)

He is just trying to cover up his attitude. Why will he say I am nagging when he does things that annoy me. Let us not start opening our dirty linens here o. 

An Apology Was Given But He Won’t Talk About It-Pls Advise!

I have told him lets see a counselor but he refuses. He says it was just one time and it was a prostitute at a strip club. That is even so gross to me.

They Invited Us For Christmas But I Am Conflicted: Please Advise!

They threatened to disown me if I married him. I disobeyed them and married him. I am sorry for doing that but I love my husband and he is the only one I want.

I Am A Mature Single & Time No Longer On My Side:Please Advise

adopting a child of my own. I know its something not common in this part of the world for a single lady to adopt but I am seriously thinking about.

I Have Finally Given Up On True Love: Please Advise!

I have never had a good relationship of a year. My relationships always end in five months. After two years of leaving my ex, I decided to give love another chance.

My Husband Is Having An Affair:What Should I Do?Please Advise!

My husband is a manager in a company, and he is in charge of other workers as well. My sister works with him too in that same company.

My Boyfriend of 9 Years Has Refused To Leave Me-Please Advise!

He wont allow me hangout freely with friends until recently when I threatened to break up.  To the reason I sent this message, I no longer love my boyfriend the way I use to.

She Is Threatening Fire & Brimstone After Dumping Him

So even though she still loved him but the guy promised her marriage and since he's based in the country and is very financially ok she feels its okay to go for him"

I Love My Guy But I Don’t Understand His Behavior:Please Advise!

Another issue is when ever am not happy over something and I try to express myself he is always on the defensive side ,he always try to make me feel like I don't have any right to be angry with any situation..

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