Thursday, November 21, 2019
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I Love My Wife But I Do Not Like Her Behavior: Please Advise

I met her and knew her limitations but I was hoping that love and with time,she would appreciate some of the things she missed out on.

Do You Believe In Spirit Husbands: How Do I Divorce Him?

We all joked and laughed at my grandmother when she said it years ago before she died but right now,I feel like she is right. I am tired. I feel lonely and I don't know what I can if I truly have a spirit husband. 

My Wife Is A Selfish Woman: I Cannot Stand Her Anymore!

How can a woman I love and she claims to love me not want to support my business by helping me buy a car that I will use? Instead,she wants to do plastic surgery...

Help: Confession-How My Libido May Destroy Everything We Built

I blocked him after sending him a message not to ever contact me again. He then went to Facebook and sent me a friend request which I declined.

One Week Of Dating & Breakup: Is There Hope For Us?

Then later on he called me again I was talking normal to me claiming he loves me. But my heart has gone out of it because of what he did.

How Do I Forgive When The Wounds Keep Opening Up?

We have been able to understand each other a little more. As it is,with prayers and counseling,we have been able to understand each other. We really want to make our marriage work.

Can This Couple Build Their Future On This Foundation?

Now, her fear is that the landed property was bought in that guy's name only but they are planning to join resources to build now;

He Wanted Me To Get Pregnant Now He Won’t Pick My Calls!

but sometimes he keeps on disappearing on and off, sometimes he ignores my calls and text and this made me doubt him more.

How My Boyfriend Dumped Me For Not Being A Slay Queen

I happily agreed but he said I only have 1 month to stay,that I should leave the apartment after one month that his cousin's and the kids are coming to use the apartment. 

Honesty Was My Intention But Did My Honestly Push Him Away?

He also fell in love with me. This became more than a research. I knew I could no longer pretend. I was happy and he was happy and then I made the mistake.

I Fell In Love With A Man Who Made A Promise To His Kids!

He makes me weak in my knees. 2 years seems like 20 years to wait and I feel guilty if I continue to have sex with him cos I been teaching my daughter abstinence from sex before marriage.

All The Good Men Are Married But Why Are They Not Satisfied?

but I can't get over him. On Tuesday night,he showed up at my place. He was waiting by my door step when I got back from work.

My Husband Has Never Called Me Baby Girl: Please Advise

I've been married to my hubby for ten years now and now he is in Botswana with work. I am in zimbabwe,since we were married he never called me BABY GIRL.

He Wants A Second Chance After Breaking Up With Me

After he went back, few days later, he called me and told me to break up with him. It was not funny at all, I really find it hard to believe what I heard from him.

My Friend’s Husband Keeps Chatting With His Ex Girlfriend

She have noticed  that for a longer time... She is really confused and don't know that to do.... She is asking me for advice but I don't know what to tell her...

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