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I Loved & Raised Their Son But They Now Accuse Me Of Being A...

Our families thrown into confusion. Of all the reasons my husband gave for this betrayal, none on them sounded logical. I wanted to leave my marriage. I left for a few months actually.

My Wife Damaged Us When She Compromised Herself To Help Me

Somehow,rumors started to fly and got to her husband that his wife was cheating on him. He confronted her but she denied it. This woman went through a lot

The Two Women In My Life Have Been Long Enemies

My children and my sisters children do not talk to each other because of their mothers feud. My family has tried to intervene but my sister has vowed never to speak to my wife.

Only Wanted To Help My Son’s Marriage But Ended Up Destroying It

Sometimes,I would be counselling her and talking to her about my marriage,hoping that by telling her,she would learn from my mistakes.

Help: Something Is S*xually Wrong With My Fiance Or Is It With Me?

He only looked at me and told me he is sorry. Told me he loved me and I would just have to wait for marriage. I asked him when will marriage be,he said in September.

I Feared I Would Loose My Wife But She Held On For 13 Years!

He said he was trying to advise my wife to stop the affair when my wife warned him to mind his business. He said it was my friend who convinced my wife to fire him so as not to expose them.

My Daughter Blames Me For Her Father Leaving Our Marriage

She starts to become difficult and will not allow any man come close to me. She would suddenly fall sick or threaten to kill herself or say she wants to go and live with her father,away from me.

I Fell In Love With The Most Amazing Woman But Age Is Still A...

I fell for her immediately but I kept my cool. I think we both hit it off very well at the same time. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch for almost a month,chatting and stuff. 

Dear Lively Stones- I Need Advice On My Relationship!

and she doesn't apologize when ever we have issues, would never call nor text until I do and apologize even if it's not my fault ..

We Never Gave Destiny A Trial But Is This Our Second Chance?

I found myself wishing I knew how she felt about us before now. It was the most stupid thing I ever done in my life but it felt so good. I wish things were different but I left the next day and tried to go back to normal life.

I Think My Sister’s Boyfriend Is Shady- How Do I Protect Her?

To me,that is an admission of guilt. If Andy was truly engaged when he met me months ago and he is already seeing another lady who happens to be my dear sister,I am truly concerned.

Why Am I So Unlucky In Love – Is This My Destiny?

I have been abused all in the name of keeping a man to the extend that it's make me bitter, I am always angry, I lack respect for any man or woman, I am always indoor, no friends or family close by

My Fiance is Moving Abroad But I Am Afraid To Join Him

He tries to restrain himself from any situation that will lead to argument. On my own,I know I have bad mouth and maybe I trigger some of his bad behavior so I am learning to watch my mouth too.

My Husband Is Selfish & He Is Not Interested In My Happiness

Few days ago,he came and tried to make advances towards me and I rejected him cos I was still angry. He got up and said I was pushing him out to go and meet other women.

I Lost The Love Of My Life & I Am Unable To Love ...

Next thing I saw was her posting pictures of another guy with her on social media. That infuriated me so much. Maybe the male ego thing in me..

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