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Stop Flirting With Other Women- Have Some Shame!-Relationship Expert

Have some shame and stop flirting with other women- relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu tells married Nigerian men in open letter.

I May Have Lost My Husband But I Am Afraid Of Being Alone

I was hesitant but in my helplessness,I met him in a restaurant close to our office. As soon as he asked me what the problem is,I just burst into tears.

My Girlfriend’s Behavior Is Giving Me Second Thoughts

I know their girl cook for them like weekends, but I can't have it from her.Anytime I try to talk to her about all this, she will be telling me in her house she  doesn't do all those things.

Does Age Really Matter: I Am Madly In Love,Please Help!

He came back after two weeks saying that he cannot live without me, begging and crying that his heart belongs to only me and that he doesn't connect with the other lady.

How Do I Move On From The Man I Call The Love Of My...

When I see him with his wife on social media,I feel so jealous. He said he is only with her for money,that its me he loves.I know that sounds like BS but he does really love me so much.

My Wife Is No Longer Interested In Intimacy: I Knew This Would Happen

I thought everything is ok until my wife started going to this new saloon in our area. Most ladies went there cos it was fanciful and all that.

In Love With A Younger Man-Is There A Chance To Happiness?

I deserve to be happy and I want to give it a shot. If this guy checks out fine when I meet him,I might just finally leave my boring marriage. I have read stories where people meet people online and get married within a month. Could this be my own turn?

This Wayward Girl Is Blackmailing My Husband: Is He Guilty?

This time,she had given birth to a child whom she does not know the father. Its like things are really bad for her. Out of a good  mind,I encourage my husband to send her money.

My Fiancee And Her Family: Lies And Secrets That May Haunt Us

Even my mother felt very maternal to her as a result of this.Last week was our marriage introduction. We traveled to my wife's place in Edo state for the introduction. All went well. 

When Is Abortion Allowed Or Is This A Sign From God?

Hubby been aware and yet not happy clamoring for abortion ( according to him is not yet formed just take a drug to flush it out). 

If You were In My Shoes,Would You Fight To Stay In My Marriage?

An ungrateful man. If I ever wanted to cheat,why didn't I cheat when he was sick for 4 years? Some people said he was being manipulated by forces..so I prayed.

I Made A Mistake But Can Anyone Survive A Marriage Like This?

I told him I would love to get married and not have a child out of wedlock. He said he is not ready to get married but I cried my eyes out until he reluctantly agreed.

When Is It Alright To Move In Together Before Marriage?

I did not like the idea as a Christian. I told him its not proper but he said its temporary after all,we are getting married at least by next year.

Two Men In My Life But I Am Pregnant For One Of Them

But he does not know about the guy I dated. I have not told this new guy about my baby daddy coming back cos I don't know if it will work out if my baby daddy knows about him.

Is This The Man I Loved Or The Man I Thought I Loved?

Then he stopped,looked me in the eye and said,has he not done enough to prove he is genuine? I told him yes but I wanted it to be when we get married...

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