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He Refused To Marry Me Cos Of My Age But I Still Have Feelings...

He came back saying I am the best he ever had and he cant stay away from me. I initially fought him off but not for long because,I still loved him and I was not seeing anyone.

I Was Violated In My Brother’s House And He Refused To Protect Me

I just lay there,seeing blood around me,I was too shocked and too traumatized. I cried and cried and it seemed like the night mare didnt want to go away.

Marriage And Temptation: Who Is Really To Be Blamed?

I am not a saint but I am not yet married,I feel like marriage should be sacred. If you cant be faithful why marry? And please why must you separate from your spouse all in the name of I must go abroad?

They Say My Marriage Is Doomed With Generational Curse!

They rumored that all the men in that family always end up with one type of sickness or the other or even end up dead mysteriously.

I Lost My Wife Once But Over My Dead Body Before I Loose Her...

Greg proposed to my ex wife recently. That was when I got my wake up call. It became real to me that I was about to loose my ex wife completely.

Our Marriage Was Over Long before Now,How Can I Wait 7 Years More?

He was doing this with some of his friends. His money also made him quite arrogant. He didnt listen to me or anyone. Towards the end of last year (around October),things went really bad. The business failed.

One Night From Twelve Years Ago Is Now Tearing My Marriage Apart

She was in a bad shape that day so she came around just to talk to me cos she felt both of us were in the same boat seeing that both of us were having issues with our relationship.

My Money Or My Love: What Does She Really Want?

I dont know if getting  married will change anything about me. I love women and I dont see myself being tied down by one woman. But I will try not to hurt Diane .

Sister Love: My Sister’s Boyfriend Is So Hot and Irresistible

I cornered him at some point and told him what we did must never come to light. He agreed. But the problem now,is, I find this guy very irresistible.

How Can I Be Sure:True Love Or Is My Fiance Trying To Control My...

I thought it was really romantic. But as we continued,I found it rather weird. Sometimes in the morning,he will be texting me and asking me what am I wearing today for work

My Uncle’s Fiancee & Her Friend: The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea!

My Uncle's fiancee began to show me some attitude and I was concerned that she didnt want me around. I met her to ask her if I offended her in any way and she told me she is sorry that she didnt mean to be annoying

Violated In Less Than 48 Hours To Their Wedding!

I have always known you wanted me. I just couldn't help myself anymore. I was silent. First,I was drain and fagged out and was feeling all kinds of pain all over my body.

My Ex Husband Excites Me:He Is Fun & Dangerous But My Fiance is…

But after marriage,anytime we fight,he will refuse to apologize. This really put a strain on our marriage and in anger,I filed for divorce. I was so angry that he ddnt fight for us anymore. 

My Heart Belongs To Another Man But I Pushed Him Back To His Wife

I got home and cried a river that night. Jonathan came straight to my place but I didnt even let him in. I broke up with him that night.I was an emotional mess and I handle most of my appointments.

If he hits you once, don’t marry him – Lady speaks on domestic violence

“Domestic violence against women would reduce drastically if young women would stop getting married to any man who hits them while in a relationship.” She said in a chat with Potpourri.

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