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The Influence Money Has on Some Women’s Decision to Forgive Cheating

I began to ask myself that A Rich or successful partner is that a TICKET or a RIGHT to cheat? Or is it excusable because he /she is Rich? What is bad is bad, let’s not sugarcoat it just because someone is Rich you nko?

My Aunty’s Husband Needs Deliverance From Small Small Girls

Now,there is one girl that is like 16years. The girl is working as a sells girl in our shop in lekki. I like this girl and I have been seeing how I will take talk to her.

Wife Says Am Not Romantic:Is This A Sign Of Trouble For My Marriage?

He went on to describe what my wife was wearing and the man he thought was myself. The description was close enough,my wife was wearing a navy blue dress with long braids.

Is My Wife Having An Affair With Her Step Brother?

One time,he bought her some very s*xy lingerie. I was really jealous but my wife laughed it off.My business makes me travel all the time and I am sometimes grateful that Oyin is around when I am not

Our Desperation Has Brought Another Woman To Destroy Our Marriage

So we talked about it and approached that nurse to assist us with the surrogacy ,at least we can have our own biological child. It was agreed

Abused And Cursed: Yet He Wants To Marry Me,Please Help!

I was abused at a very young age. After the abuse,I became a s*x slave. This young man that I am getting married to is Wilson. I have been dating Wilson for 2 years now but he has not been able to ever satisfy my s*xual needs.

Mother In Law From Hell: My Mother In-law Calls Me A Bastard

I did everything I could in my power. I visited her,bought her gifts,cleaned for her but she still didnt like me. Our marriage almost didnt hold,we broke up one time because of her but I guess the love was too strong,we got back again.

RE:My Father’s Lies & Betrayal-Nathan Responds (Contd From Yesterday)

He said if I went ahead to tell mom,he would disinherit me and that there is no way he would let me marry Maya because he raised me as his son and even though I am adopted,he cannot see two siblings marry.

Helplessly In Love With A Married Man Who Is My Subordinate

I am a goal getter,I invited him for lunch two weeks later and told him I liked him. I told him I wanted us to be friends with benefits no strings attached. I was just too attracted and it was making me loose control anytime he was around.

My Father’s Lies & Betrayal keeping Me From True Love

Myself and my sister are adopted children of our parents. But Maya's mom didnt want the relationship hence we had to keep it secret.

My Husband Set Me Up,I Fell For It & The Rage Is Eating Me...

I was already comfortable with Hassan,I didnt think anything. So we got upstairs,drinks were served and after a while,Hassan became flirty with me. I was responding.

I Am Feeling Guilty For Falling In Love With My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

He asked if I could help. I agreed instantly,come on,this is like my family. So Jessica started with us five months ago. The only problem was,they didnt live in Ikoyi anymore.

Help!Two Ladies In Stiff Competition For My Attention

I tried to beg her to please cooperate with the other girl but she refused,claiming that she told the other girl she liked me first and out of greed,the other one came after me. 

I cheated A Year Ago,But My Wife Is Pushing Me Away

I actually thought our marriage was over then, But she finally forgave me and we have been trying to move past the issue since

My Ex and I Are Flirty and I Dont Care That His Wife Knows

I told her she can go ahead and do her worse that I will continue to flirt with her husband even if she tells mine

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