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She Has Sworn To Seduce My Boss In Revenge For Eight Years Ago

She told me she would sleep with the FC no matter what it cost her. Ever since then,Amara would look for every opportunity to go to the FC's office for every reasonable and unreasonable official reason. I tried talking her out of her revenge plot but she was very determined. She was determined to sleep with this poor man who knew nothing.

Pride In Relationship?See What Refusing To Apologize Has Caused!

But the challenge is we quarrel a lot over trivial issues and I will always be the one to apologize, doesn't matter whether am at fault or she is. And I feel she is beginning to take me for granted, because even if i don't reach her,she her wouldnt. I know she loves me but her past experience is part of the reason for her behaviour.

I Am in Love With a Married Man: How Do I Let Go?

But after almost seven years as Bode's mistress,I have become quite tired. It is always fun being with him. The s*x is good. We make each other happy but I am beginning to want more.

She Wants A Public Apology But That Would Ruin Me

This lady came to my wife;s saloon last week and told my wife what happened. My wife denied and defended me. When she got home and told me,I also denied it. Again,I am not proud of it. 

Its Not My Husband,I am The One with High Libido!

My husband was even happy about it. But now,he is wondering what happened to me. I think of s*x everyday,every minute. 

This is the most important person to forgive in your marriage and why

If you tear yourself down, you end up pulling others down so they are at your level. You won't mean to, but it always happens. If you are feeling miserable, it's harder to forgive others (especially your spouse) and let the small things go.

I Am Beginning to Dislike My Wife For Her Selfishness

Is marriage not supposed to be about compromise? If I do things to make her happy,why cant she do the same for me. She may not like it but will it kill her if she does that just to please me once in a while?

I Am Tired,Angry & Unhappy At My Husband’s Behaviours!

it seems I more unhappy than happy in this marriage. Dont get me wrong,we are happy but most times,my husband's pettiness causes all these tension and confusion

Drop Your Comments Please: What Would You Do If…

After they collect what they can, they give the man of the house a gun with instructions to shoot his wife or else he be shot himself.

“Why has cheating become a common act now-a-days?” — Juliet Ibrahim

People claim to love their partner, but realistically, how much do you really love your partner if you seek someone else’s love and affection? Even if its “just for one night”, one lie is enough to have someone question all truths.

Advice:Woman discovers Husband’s Addiction To Porn

He just said that he likes them and I should mind my business. I was in shock and was upset for days. My husband didnt even attempt to answer the many questions bothering me.

She Saw Pictures of Me Messing Up But Nothing Happened

She swore she would show my girlfriend and I dared her. Later,I started pleading with her but she said I shouldn't have toyed with her heart again if I knew I was going back. Shes pained and wants revenge.

‘I Uncovered My Husband’s Affair After He Had A Stroke! Should I Stay?’

I found out about his affair about six months ago, but I can't get it out my mind. He wants to work it out and he says he can't see himself without me. I love my husband and want to stay in my marriage, but I 'm having a very hard time with this.

Video!!!Pregnant Girlfriend Needs Advice To Make A Decision

A pregnant lady needs our advice. Please watch the video and let me know what you think.

Video:Lady Discovers A Huge Dark Secret Of Her Fiance

Yesterday,I uploaded part of a video where I asked a question on behalf of a young lady.

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