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I Was Bored But I Made A Horrible Mistake Which Is Unforgivable

I just got carried away and I took a picture of myself and unfortunately,instead of sending it to him,I sent it to my male colleague in the office

I Forgave Him But I Don’t Think I Have Forgotten,How Do I Marry Him?

I didn't have any reason to be uncomfortable with their friendship cos we all hang out every week. She and her husband come to Dele's apartment often and we also come around theirs. They are a nice couple.

Dumped & Humiliated On My Wedding Day:The Truth, Two Years Later

I asked her to be my chief bridesmaid as I didn't have any other close friend who could play the chief bride's maid role properly.

All I Wanted Was My Father’s Love But I Received Abuse & Pain

One day i summon courage to tell my mum that am searching for my father and surprisingly, she told me if that is what i want i should go ahead. She then gave me his full details but still wouldn't tell me what happened between two of them and i didn't stretched it.

The Dream Was Abroad: The Cost Was Losing My Family & Love

At least,if I couldn't go abroad,I could have sugar daddies and rich boyfriends to spend on me. As early as 14 years,I was already having sugar daddies and rich boyfriends.

Are Women Really “Fish Brain” …Why Am I So Obsessed About Her?

It took a while for me to recognize her. I took her no and called her later on. She told me how she dropped out of school cos she didn't have the money then.

My Wife Or Her Best Friend: How Do I Make This Hard Decision?

She can’t be the one. How come? We were all afraid until she told us her story.She told us that she was one of the people rescued in the accident but later fell into coma and after she came out of coma she could not remember anything or anybody

All Was Fine Until My Husband Fell In Love With His Best Friend’s Widow

My husband replied that he wanted her too but that he is married and cannot loose his family. I was livid when I found out. I  threw tantrums.

I Married The Monster In My Dreams,Is The NightMare Over Or Not?

I was rushed to the hospital the next day. I gave my life to God after I survived that incident. I moved to Rivers state university after the tragic event. I started afresh after I stayed at home for one year.

My New Guy Versus My Abusive Boyfriend,Who Is My Assurance?

I begged him severally to stop hurting me, he didn't. Then I made up my mind to leave, I was so very scared of leaving him cause of the fear of being lonely. I eventually left and met a new guy not up to 24 hours after I left him.

He Says He Loves Me But Why Wont He Stop Seeing His Ex?

always sad whenever I see the two of them,that he even use to post her pictures,he once posted my pictures but that was when we started and after he deleted my pictures for her from his profile

Help…I Am Trying To Build My Marriage But This Guilt Is Killing Me

My husband was a righteous man. He feared God. He loved God. He would frown at adultery in marriage in  a heartbeat. When it happened,my husband apologized and begged me.

Should I Snitch?..My Friend Is Cheating With A Guy I Like!

She confirmed that Mike still sees her cos she rewards him well financially. But every time I ask Mike,he insists that he is done with Tracy but she keeps coming back to him,begging him.

He Refused To Marry Me Cos Of My Age But I Still Have Feelings...

He came back saying I am the best he ever had and he cant stay away from me. I initially fought him off but not for long because,I still loved him and I was not seeing anyone.

I Was Violated In My Brother’s House And He Refused To Protect Me

I just lay there,seeing blood around me,I was too shocked and too traumatized. I cried and cried and it seemed like the night mare didnt want to go away.

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