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Four Years Of Savings & He Bought A Car Instead Of Our Wedding

Every month we put money in a joint account. We were supposed to get married last year but the money he said was not enough for wedding.

I Played A Dirty Game But I Was Not Unfaithful To My Fiance

Accusing me of cheating on him with several men.I don't know how I got to where I am in this mess but I am not that type of girl. I got carried away in a dirty game I thought we were just playing.

My Mother Is A B*tch!..She Betrayed My Father & Wants To Control Me

ut the most shocking revelation is that Kosi's dad claims that him and my mom connected about five years ago again and my mom actually got pregnant after.

Why I Do Not Want To Have Babies After Two Years Of Marriage

So,I have not been actively trying for a baby. Its been two years. Everyone is getting impatient that I am yet to be pregnant. But as for me,I am not bothered. I am not even trying to have a baby.

My Wife Is A Wicked Woman,She Denies Me My Right As Her Husband

When I met my wife,I told her that I love s*ex so much and I will love to be having it every time when we get married. She said ok. In fact,when we were dating,we were having s*x every day,sometimes two to three times a day.

Blindsided By Love & I Cannot Get Past It To Save My Marriage

The crazy thing was that this ex of hers is still even married to the person he dumped her for. I see their family pictures on facebook and they seem happy.

My Father Is A Monster:I Feel The Guilt Of Covering Up For Him

He treats her the same way he treats others,without respect and insult everyday. However,I discovered something that is eating me up so bad and I need your help on this matter.

I Was Trying To Help But I Am In Love With My Uncle’s...

She has had an abortion for me cos we didn't want my uncle to know she got pregnant for me. We were warned to always use protection but we could not follow that rule. 

I Am Tired Of Being My Husband’s Mother For Six Years!

My husband refused to get another job for years and stayed at home but he wouldn't help with the house chores either. 

I Lost Hope In Relationships But My Rebound Landed Me In A Mess

I entered two different relationship (all without s*x), but while the first was highly deceptive, the second was manipulative and emotionally traumatizing.

My Husband Is Ashamed Of Me But I Got What I Wanted

I am so happy about this pregnancy even if it was not planned. I told my husband when I discovered and he was like,ok,

Is Your Wife Starving You S*xually?You Are Likely Making These Mistakes

Studies show that marital satisfaction is higher when spouses consider each other to be their best friend. A deep emotional intimacy leads to a better s*x life.

Help!..How My Wife’s Betrayal Led To My Addiction

This betrayal created a rift between him and his wife and before you knew it,he started patronizing prostitutes.

First My Buddy,Now My Cousin:Is This Babe A Runs Babe?

The babe was my buddy's former babe..yes,the same one who cheated on her boyfriend. Of course,the babe was shocked I knew her latest victim.

I Was Bored But I Made A Horrible Mistake Which Is Unforgivable

I just got carried away and I took a picture of myself and unfortunately,instead of sending it to him,I sent it to my male colleague in the office

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