Friday, September 20, 2019
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Please Advise: Could This Man Be The Man Of My Dreams?

He recently asked me out and I know he's in for the long term which is marriage, I'm yet to give him a response though.

Entangled In Love Affair With A Married Co-worker: Please Advise.

Always at lunch together until the rumors started,so we had to stop meeting in the canteen and meet every day in a restaurant after work.

My Girlfriend Is Hot But She May Not Be The Right Woman For Me

to have a woman that is always ready to get down and dirty but not many men want to marry the girl that they feel has been with every guy cos of how experienced they are.

My Fiancee Is A Huge Spend Drift But Money Is Not A Problem

The problem is she is from a very well to home. Her parents,siblings are very rich. Dating her was quite intimidating but she always tried to make me feel comfortable.

My Wife Pressured Me To Get Married Now She Wants A Divorce!

Am about to loose my wife even though she is not much of a wife. and my children. I cannot bear not to see my children.

How I Got Entangled In An Emotional Affair: Please Help!

she has been picking on me for no reason. She is also a relative to the owner of the company,she says she can have me fired for sexual harassment in the office.

My Affair Of Three Years Ago Is Threatening My Marriage

Much as I love my husband and will do anything to keep my marriage,I am beginning to fear that he has such a jealous spirit and will do anything when he feels jealous.

Dated 11 Years:Married For 5 Years: How Her Hubby Betrayed Us

After all we have done for this man,he now thinks we are behind his downfall. We decided to stay away but my sister is suffering. They cannot feed and the man is not even caring.

How Do I Convince My Husband To Try Anything Other Than Missionary?

this is affecting me.I want more than someone just climbing on top of me and thrusting till he is tire.I deserve to enjoy it even for once.

Why Some Ladies Ask Questions They Already Know The Answer To?

he cheat on me with different girls to the extend of bringing one of his girlfriend to were he lives and called me to introduce this girl to me as a girlfriend, that  he will be dating both of us.

My Male Friend Said: Cheating Is Inevitable,Is That True?

He decided so fast... I know things can happen in an instant but at the same time I expressed my concern for the short time and he should get to know her better and a

The Things I Go Through In The Name Of Marriage: Please Help!

It was very painful,he wanted to postpone our wedding but I encouraged him that we should still go ahead,we will manage on my earnings.

Hubby Is Cheating On Me And Rubbing It In My Face!

I think I need a boyfriend too so that the equation can be balanced. And since I haven't been questioning him and piling him nor his phone....he shouldn't police me too.

He Wants A Second Chance:Is There A Future In This Relationship?

I started turning him down I didn’t value him anymore since he was acting as if I was not worth him, then one day I told him I wanted to see him

Marrying Her Is A Taboo But I Love Her: Please Advice!

Note, from the history nobody from my place have not married from there before and those that violated it ended up dying on timely.

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