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I Dream Of Another Man Apart From My Husband- Please Help!

I asked him what..he said,ah...my brother (that is,my husband) is very lucky o. That if not that I am his brother's wife,he would have married me.

I Found A Used Condom In My Husband’s Car But I Still Trust Him

I took the condom and waited for my husband to return. I asked him as calmly as I could...he seemed quite surprised. He asked me what is that and where did I get that from.

I Am Finding It Hard To Heal & Move Forward In My Marriage

I can’t trust my husband anymore.He still chats with this lady .The lady does not know I have found out about them.I asked my husband to let me be away for some time to see if I can heal.

I Am Still In Love With My Ex & It Is Messing Up My...

She was in love with me too but she got ashamed of me when we went out. I met her family,her mother,a single mom show had her when she was 18 and her younger brother she had with a man that left her.

Their Marriage Was Picture Perfect Until I Caught His Wife

She said my brother started accusing her of having abortions before marriage and that was causing her barrenness.She has had two abortions before she met my brother,

How My Husband & His Cousin Betrayed Me For Years

I used to pray for her for her own husband to come as she was over 30 at the time. One day,we had a misunderstanding..

My Fiance Wants A Quiet Wedding…Is He Trying To Hide Something?

.I thought wedding and wedding planning is the woman's job? The only thing I was allowed to do is pick out my dress....every other thing he says he has it covered cos he does not want any information about our wedding to leak.

Just A Year After My Marriage -What Happened To Us?- Pt 2

he doesn't talk to another,not even me,he came back to our base without talking to me,for days now I have been in this house with him but we don't even look at each other talk more of talking.

How I Rushed Into Marriage Because I Was Heartbroken

I asked him to see my parents and begin the traditional wedding rites first. He agreed. The weekend he went to see my parents,my ex showed up at my place,all begging and crying

I Need Deliverance From This Sad And Lonely Prison I Call Marriage

I have been sad many nights and days. I have tried to stay sane and positive but I think my marriage is over. My husband does not care

My Husband Is A Jerk But I Want To Make Our Marriage Work

I am trying but the continued presence of my husbands friend is making it difficult for me to keep being faithful to my husband

My Blood Brother Stole My Happiness & Threw The Family Into Confusion

I don't understand how her family agrees to this disturbing and selfish decision of their daughter. My brother is even the greatest betrayal

Tit For Tat- Is Her Fiance Paying Her Back In Her For Her Indiscretion?

he forgave her and that is true. My friend and her guy were just getting to know each other earlier on in their relationship.

My Life Just Took A Dive From Bad To Worse- Please Help!

They all kept saying that after I give birth,they would take my baby and chase me away. I was too ashamed to tell my parents so I suffered in silence.

Just A Year After My Marriage -What Happened To Us?

I traveled to a different state,but when I was away I noticed quite a lot,he stopped calling like usual,sounds weird on the phone.

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