Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Guilty & Afraid- Either Way,I Am Sure My Marriage Is Over

Maybe because I hadn't been with my husband for almost two months. I struggled but not for long. My brain and reasoning was suspended.

Help!..A One Night Stand Wants To End My Dream Job!

If the chairman didn't say anything,there is no need to be paranoid. She was sure that he would want to keep it quiet as well. I was fine with that.

Help: My Mother In-Law Is Seriously Frustrating & Annoying Me

A man took to social media to ask for help as he is frustrated by his mother in-law who has been a constant source of worry. See his complain

I Want To Move On But They Want Me To Remain Their Slave

I feel guilty knowing what I am doing but for the first time in a long time,having a man in my life gave me a feeling I have been longing for years,since my husband passed. I wished someone would come and love me for me so that I would not continue to live like this.

I Regret Being Jealous Of My Mother- Law…I Wish I Could Change That

Koko always said he would not have a child of wedlock cos he was a child out of wedlock. It made him feel unwanted. So when I told Koko,it was set that we had to come back together and get married.

I Married My Husband Despite The Red Flags-Now I Live With His Abuse

There were complications but I felt standing by him will solidify our marriage. Just few days after the wedding ,all his characters of abuse intensified but I kept giving excuses for him.

I Was Going To Loose My Fiance-My Auntie Brought Him Back To Me

While we were there,My auntie saw vision that there is another woman trying to take Dotun away from me. She said I can confirm it and so I came back to Ibadan and confronted Dotun.

Our Marriage Became Boring When My Wife Stopped Wanting Me

To be candid,I have not slept with another woman for three weeks but before,at least ,two times a week,I must be with a new woman.

My Lover Cheated Severally In The Past: Will He Cheat On Me Too?

Plus,both of them accuse him of being a serial cheater. So,I worry that if he marries me as well,he will be doing the same thing. I am not sure if I can do that.

Hung On Two Women In My Life…Can I Keep Both Of Them?

I now asked her..what happened that you could not take nor return my calls or text in three days? She said whether I know the state she was in at that particular point in time.

Get A Job Before Marriage – Adeboye’s Wife Advises Men

Part of her sermon which was shared on the Church’s official Twitter page shows her kicking against deceit in courtship. She also advised men not to get married without having a job.

I Do Not Want To Break Her Heart But I Am Not Financially Ready

I don't want to waste her time any longer because she's the first born of her parents , and all her younger ones are married with kids.

My Husband,His Family & My Neighbors Are Tormenting Me!

I am at my wits end. I have to travel long distance every day to get to school. I do not have a house help and  I am constantly unhappy and I do not know what to do.

My Husband Is A Fraudster-I Feel Sorry For His Side Chic

When d girl  complained,do know what he asked her "are you in love with me because of money" This girl is unaware that he is a chronic  miser

Four Years Of Savings & He Bought A Car Instead Of Our Wedding

Every month we put money in a joint account. We were supposed to get married last year but the money he said was not enough for wedding.

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