Saturday, January 18, 2020
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My Boyfriend Wants To Marry Me Secretly:Please Advice!

He loves me and wants to marry me. The issue is,how do we tell my step mom. She would never agree to us being married. And she may never let me get my inheritance from my father's will.

These Men Have Stolen My Heart:How Do I Choose The Best Man?

he really is in love with me.His baby mama,left him for another man...and I love his child so much and I don't mind being her mum. He even introduced me to his family.

My In-Laws Have Done Nothing But Humiliate Me:Please Help!-Pt 2

He started arguing with me. He said he is not ready to return to the city. So I told him to buy bus ticket for me to return.

I Broke Up My Relationship Before Realizing I Was A Side Chick

I tried to explain but I also could not understand why this lady is bitter and trying to ruin my joy. I was not even aware that she knew of the affair between me and her husband..

Married But I Have Strong Feelings For My Sister’s Boyfriend

Dear Jzhane, Please hide my identity. My younger sister is 38 years old. I am 44. We have been praying for her to get married for so long. You can imagine our happiness when she...

Our Marriage Maybe Seriously Falling Apart: Please Advise Me!

The worst part is that I'm in physical pain. I can't satisfy his desires. He even made me watch porn movies with him but I'm just too tired to respond to him. I have never been like this but I don't know why.

My Girl Is A Little Too Wild-Will She Make A Good Wife?

she is seen as not properly raised. To be fair to her,when I try to correct her,she tries to change but sometimes,she says I am trying to control her which I am not.

Tried Everything But I Think My Husband Does Not Like S*x

I did not bother myself because I thought things will change after marriage. I also did not want to be too forward as his girlfriend then,so he will not see me as wayward or something.

Married At 17,Abused For 9 Years,I Want A Divorce:Please Advise Me

If that he is giving me enough money for upkeep, I would have stayed back a little and save enough before leaving so I can rent an apartment and start up a small business.

Holy Water & Holy Oil-What Has That Got To Do With My Marriage?

I do not believe in this practice of holy water or holy oil. Our church does not use it.It makes the house look dirty and somehow even like a shrine.

My Friend Broke Up Her 7 Years Engagement & Married By Mistake

My friend and this guy were heart broken. Those of us that were close to them tried everything to reconcile them but it was impossible. Their pain and hurt was so much.

Our Marriage Has Been Over For Years:What Is There To Hope For?

Last year,we discussed him returning home at least to see the kids. Last minute,he did not show up. The kids miss him but its like he does not miss them.

My Friend Is Getting Married & She Begs Me To Keep Her Secret

I was in disbelief. This guy that looks like a saint? But my greatest surprise was one of the girls on his whatapp chat was my friend,Tina.

Will There Be A Marriage Despite Our Love:Please Advise!

While I appreciate his concern,I do not feel comfortable with him not being sure of when we may be able to get married...I do not know if I can keep waiting for more than 2 years.

This Is A Huge Betrayal But Does This Mean The End?

whether he marries her or not I must remain by his side because those children are also mine.So I spent half of last year in tears over this kind of betrayal and my childlessness.

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