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My Best Friend Accused Him Of Cheating:Can I Still Marry Him?

hey both agree that the my best friend is the person to believe.That she will not be telling lies cos we have known each other for many years. I broke up with my fiance.

How To Find Your Wife: As Stated By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Your marital destiny shall be built on revelation. He will guide you, instruct you and show you favor in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

We Are Head Over Heels In Love But He Is Not Ready

We Are Head Over Heels In Love But He Is Not Ready

All Relationships Have Problems-How Will My Relationship Survive?

Meanwhile I was just waking up so my voice wasnt that sharp....so he thought i was with another man...

My Husband And I Have Been Unfaithful To Each Other

. I suspect I contacted it when I slept with with a strange man 17 months ago. But it was only one time.The Doctor has said I must tell my husband to come for test.

I Just Made A Horrible Mistake, I Have No One-Please Help Me!

He has never given me a dime,I have begged him with everything I have he is not answering me. I just told my mum and she asked me to leave her house. Now,I am back to my place and I do not know what to do.

I Married A Sweet Angel But I Now Live With The Devil

The one that broke the camel's back was when she came to my workplace to start shouting. I was very embarrassed. Like,I knew this woman for three years ...what the hell happened to her?

My Step Brother Loved Me More Than Anyone Even My Husband

That was the first time that I would be separated from him for a long time. I stopped going home. I was in a relationship with my husband who was my boyfriend at the time.

I Did Not Marry A Saint But Did Not Bargain For His Dark Secret

We met some of our friends in the industry during our trip. A few even lodged in same hotel as us. One night,we all partied together but I had to leave cos of my baby. I let Bode hang with the boys

I Can’t Stop Flirting: Is This Love Or Lust Or Both That I Want?

I just couldn't stand her breathing close to me. I like her alot. I chat with her regularly. The guys in my office are already teasing me to go for her but two things:

Marriage Was Never For Me: Now I Need A Miracle To Save My Marriage!

I would never be able to carry a baby because my womb has been surgically altered. I pretended to be finding out for the first time. But the disappointment on my husband's face was killing. 

How Do I Protect My Husband From This Devious Person?

That even if he fires her,if he means to cheat,he will still do it. That he does not want to punish this girl for his own mistake. That he was the one who went after her.

We All Make Mistakes But Is Love Ever Really A Mistake?

One day,he came to see us,after he graduated from school. His visit went into the night and his brother,my husband insisted that he should sleep over. I tried to remain calm.

We Both Have Our Issues But Can We Still Get Married?

Can I endure this kind of attitude and behavior when I get married? Because of this,I even want to have a small wedding,maybe even do only court wedding so as not to be embarrassed by this situation.

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