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How I Married A Chronic Liar & Prostitute:Please Advise!

My family,especially my aunt was advising me not to divorce that no one will marry a divorcee. That I can have a lover on the side to take care of me. But my heart cant take it.

My Future In-laws Are Trying To Control My Fiance/Our Marriage-Pt 2

I mean,I thought she was a considerate person but this accommodation matter is making me have second thoughts. My parents raised me to be the man she loves why can she not stand living with them just for a short while?

I Love My Wife But Another Woman Has Brought Me Joy!

She is a very good adviser and listener. Makes me feel wanted and respected. I know this wrong and I pray to God to give me strength to stop this.

My Future In-laws Are Trying To Control My Fiance & Our Marriage

I told him,he can stay with his parents after wedding,while I stay with mine until we get our own place...he said that means the wedding is off.

Madly In Love With My Ex: Why Does This Feel Dangerous?

What will I say. Besides,I am sure I am more in love with my ex than my boyfriend. But I am scared. Scared of my ex. He cheated once before...will he cheat again?

My Brother Wants To Disgrace Our Family:Please Advise!

Now my younger brother is about to graduate and after asking my step brother severally for his results and progress and didn't get any feedback I decided to visit his department.

My Fiancee Is Too Educated: Will She Make A Good Wife?

We connected from there and started dating. I love her so much. She is a peaceful and humble and nice lady. I want to marry her. She is my kind of woman.

How I Was Deceived Into A Lonely Marriage: Please Advise

This is not the type of marriage I want for myself. Where I will only see my husband once or twice in a whole year? I asked him why I cannot join him and he says its not necessary.

I Betrayed My Fiance -Most Of It Was My Fault:Please Advise Me!

For what I asked. He said: I miss you. Lets just chat a little. I knew it was dangerous but I knew I would never do anything with him. But I stayed just for a little while. 

Dear Husbands: Why Is This Wrong For Your Wives To Do This?

She explained that she got it because he was always travelling and she did not want to cheat so she got it to use anytime she felt the urge.

My Parents’ Happiness Or My Happiness:What Should I Choose?

I want to get married this December or new year before march. Whether my parents agree or not. I do not want to have s*x outside marriage so why can't I marry so I will not fall into temptation?

Why Do People I Love Always Lie To Me?…Please Advise!

But alas,it was real. Kofi could not deny it. He said he had filed for divorce from her over 4 years ago,one year before her met me. But she refused to cooperate and the court has not fully finalized on the divorce hearing.

Husband Is Frustrating Me To Leave The Marriage:Please Advise!

he will tell me he do love me , yet he still chat with ladies and ask them out but still denies it to me which he doesn't know I knew his password

Can A Man Truly Forgive A Cheating Woman:Please Advise

As we talked,I found out he was a cousin to my ex. He said that cousin that was my ex was getting married. We dated for for a year,he proposed and I said yes.

My Sister In-law Is The Worst Character: How Do We Tell Her?

I don't allow her freedom in the house. Just because she brought a male visitor one day and  she told me the man is her boyfriend but he is married.

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