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A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory-Pt 3

Editor’s Note:

This story is as shared by the author with her permission. This is the third part of the story. If you missed part 1 and 2,please click here and here to read. We hope you all can draw strength and courage from her story. Stay tuned.


The Birth of Nosking Global Resources Ltd

I needed a serene environment to heal and restart my life, Festac was far from it, Satellite was not an option, Okoko area doesn’t in anyway offer the kind of peace and tranquillity I needed to rebuild my life.

Meanwhile, when he was alerted that I had “absconded”with the kids, he quickly rushed home from the market and made a report at the police station that I carted away his properties. He told his friends that “umuazi gbajibe m aka mkpolatalu ya ha”, that when I was tired, I would send back his kids and that he would never give me any assistance . Little did he know that he would wait forever.

I remembered visiting Agbara Estate one time while I was on a school hunt for my kids and fell in love with the estate. I began a search for a two rooms BQ on Agbara estate while I perched in pastor Ovo’s house. A special thanks to his lovely wife pastor Omo for sheltering the kids and I for days while I searched for a place.

I found a good two bedroom BQ at Jebba crescent and paid two hundred and seventy thousand naira. I bought an extra mattress and some food stuff leaving me with about 700,000.I got half a shop at block 22 electrical section Alaba and paid 380,000 for rent. I bought a table, chair, fan, some other necessities and was left with 240,000 after all the expenses.

I had high hopes that most importers would give me goods on credit since I was credible while with my Ex Unbeknowst to me, he had gone to their various offices pleading with them not to give me goods on credit. He went to the extent of visiting some with drinks telling them not to encourage me.

So by the time I began to approach them, I was shocked at their responses. I was grieved beyond words. One of them whom I felt would understand my plight shocked me when he also refused, he even offered to dash me some money rather than give me goods on credit. I refused to accept any monetary offer and I left his office and right there decided not to approach any of them any more. I determined to be doing “oso ahia”

The journey wasn’t a smooth one at all, school was about to resume and the remaining 240,000 couldn’t buy all the samples I needed for display not to talk paying my children’s school fees which amounted to 270,000 for the four of them.

I got them admission in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) secondary school Ijanikin and enrolled my son and last daughter who were still in primary school in Shepherd Hill Schools inside Agbara Estate.

How did I manage to pay their fees?? I issued cheques that were to clear every two weeks. Thank God for the school official’s understanding🙏🏾.I began to work hard, I sent texts to my old customers begging them to patronize me and I started searching for new ones.

Some came and told me that they would really love to buy from me but it would be inappropriate and seem like they were supporting a woman against their fellow man. Some told me that he also came to their shops to beg them never to patronize me.

It was really a herculean task building a new customer base. Then, you will see “umu boy” following a customer round begging them to come patronize them and I would be the only female amongst them pushing, pulling and shouting at the top of my voice. Gradually, I began to make daily sales and was able to have enough money in my account to fund the school fees cheques that I had issued out.

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It went on like that for several months and my ex equally kept to his words of never supporting or checking on us hopefully waiting for the day I would get “tired” of my own kids😁😁

The stress was a lot as I would write invoice, rush to importers shop, buy the goods and then supply. That way, I couldn’t build my capital because the expense was almost more than the profit and I was still sending myself to school. It was tough but a miracle happened..

One of the new importers of cables (Odirah) sent for me and asked me to write out all the goods I needed, I was shocked and asked if he was not also approached by my ex husband. He told me that no one has the right to dictate to him who to sell to or not.

God bless Mapkings Nig Wire &Cables, He spoke like a real man and pledged to help me because he saw how I was hustling when I was still with my Ex . He gave me goods worth about one and a half million.

The face of my shop changed, I now had goods to display and didn’t need to always run up and down to gather goods after each sale. I was relieved and business improved remarkably. The kids were doing well at school and gradually life got better and better

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Not long after I fully settled in , my shop landlord who is now late invited me to his shop and told me that his life was being threatened by my Ex for leasing the shop to me. He refunded the rent I paid and asked me to look for a shop else where because he was being accused by my Ex of having interest in me, he gave me two weeks to get another place.

Devastated, I ran to my brothers in the market, Ezego, Mgbajiaka and Igwe Njima as they were nicknamed. They came up with a plan to rent a shop for me in one of their names. Ezego took up the challenge and rented a shop at block 13 no 42.

Before my Ex got the wind of it, I had settled in yet he didn’t relent in trying to kick me out. He went to the landlord of the new shop and begged him to refund my money but the man refused and told him that “this woman is taking care of your kids, you should be proud of her” instead.

After about a year and 2 months, it began to dawn on him that I won’t give up on my kids, so he went by himself to the welfare office at Ojo Alaba to report that I absconded with his kids and wouldn’t grant him access to see them. This was a man whom on several occasions friends, relatives and well wishers had tried to mediate on our matter and he blatantly refused saying over his dead body would he ever reconcile with me.

At a point I even listened to some people’s advice and put a call across to him to have a meeting. I told him that I was okay with the fact that he too didn’t want the union again but let’s discuss the welfare of our kids.

He agreed at some point and came to the estate but it appeared that on getting to my gate, his African pride resurfaced and he refused to enter the house and infact said it was a taboo for him to enter a house rented by a woman. He stood at the gate, greeted the kids and turned back.

I was invited by the welfare and when I finished narrating my story, I was accorded a standing ovation. They confessed that this was the first time a man was the one reporting a case to them that the reverse had always been the case. I explained to them that I didn’t have strength for any court case that I believed God to see me through and repay him accordingly.

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After hearing my case, right there, they filed and sued him to the Apapa family court. Two lawyers in my church, volunteered to help me with the case as I had no money to hire a lawyer.

The case was called up and we started going to court. The kids were called for, interviewed and I was granted custody. He was asked to start footing their bills but he lied in court that he didn’t have money and that things were very difficult for him at the moment so much so that he had to use his shop papers as collateral to get goods on credit from importers.

I tried to tell the court he was lying but he insisted and went to the extent of denying ownership of any house. I broke down, cried, looked up to heaven and told God that just as has declared ,may he never have and I asked God to make me to have.

The court asked him to pay for at least half the school fees and some up keep and in turn asked me to let the kids visit him every long vacation at least. Luckily for him, the holidays were just around the corner. My kids didn’t want to go but I begged them to go for my sake.

They visited him that long vacation, they stayed a week in his house and then he pushed them to his junior sister’s house(one of the ones that lived with me) .At the end of the holiday, they returned to his house and were getting ready to come back home to resume school.

Instead of bringing part of the school fees as ordered by the court he decided to go register them in a school in Showemimo street. My first daughter refused and he gave her a serious beating saying that I have influenced her. She ran out of the house and thank God she was able to trace her way home to Agbara.

That was the last time they ever visited him. I ignored him and put my kids back in their various schools.

Well I may not be able to enumerate all that happened but the truth is that he did everything possible to frustrate me but God was with me and continued to provide for us. I gave my self an advice that really helped me, I said “Nonso, consider yourself a widow and take care of your kids”.

Business was progressing and as time went on, the importers that declined me goods on credit changed their minds after they saw that I survived. I got more goods and sales were generally better.

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I am the kind of person that doesn’t get comfortable at a particular spot, in other words I’m very optimistic and a risk taker who loathes mediocrity. I thought of how to improve my business, it was not doing badly but it felt repetitive. I thought to myself that “its sheer stupidity to be doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different result”

I was already selling all kinds of cables, different products. An opportunity came and I took it, I got registered as a distributor for Purechem Nigeria Wire and Cables. The company was new and not very popular, I took it upon myself to advertise their product and even made a signage and placed at different locations within the market. It was a new string of income for me. It was time for me to properly register my business for higher operations.

And on the 3rd day of November 2010, NOSKING Global Resources Limited came to life and got incorporated…..

Stay tuned to see how I entered the Next Level……( not Apc’s next level oooooh😁😁)


Story as shared By Nonso N Obijiofor

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