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After 8 Abortions We Are Childless For 7 years, Now He Is Shifting Blames On Me

Dear Jzhane,
God bless you for the great work you are doing. Your story have so much to learn from both married and singles.
I have been married for over seven years now and we are childless.

I don’t know if this is as a result of the sins we committed before we got married.

I and Chika met in my 100 level at the Ambrose Alli University Edo State and fell helplessly in love with each other. As young teenager we couldn’t control our feelings for each other as well as our s*xual appetite. But something strange, each time he touches me (we had s*x) I immediately take in. But because we were immature and freshers in school we had no choice but to abort. This continued, and before we know it we have had several abortion and soon it became nothing to us .Infact , by the time we where graduating I had had seven abortions. The abortion became our bond as Chika knew he couldn’t leave me for another lady. The last one we had we was during my youth service. We wanted to keep it, but because of the fear of my church and the same it will cause my parents because they are elders in church, We had to get rid of it as my parents church will conduct a test before wedding any couples.


We have been married for seven years now and the whole thing has turned around. No sign of pregnancy. We have been to several hospital for medical check up and the doctor certified both of us okay. But the mystery is, it’s not entering anymore as usual.
My mother in-laws visited some week ago and was asking if there was any problem, then she concluded by saying Peace please give me grand children because time is going. Surprisingly Chika my husband said please tell her. I was shocked to my bones. I thought i didn’t hear my husband right. That night, i confronted him  and to make matters worse he added to my fears by saying to me to do something as though i am responsible for the childless situation


Truth be told, I didn’t envisage this when I was doing all the abortions because i was so naive and in experienced. I cry helplessly every night praying God for forgiveness and asking for a second chance.
Please does it mean my husband thinks am responsible for our present predicament? Will this affect us in the long run as we are not close as usual since this ugly incident. Am going into depression. Please help me out.


Benin City


  1. Hi Peace,

    It could be a couple of things, (please permit me to counsel from a Biblical perspective):

    1) The effect of the abortions – perhaps the last one was not implemented properly? (But then, the medical test reveal you are both ok as you mentioned).

    2) It could be God. ‘Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain’. Ps 127: 1’. Children come from Him, He may have withheld this blessing these 7 years as a result of the abortions.

    Scriptures like ‘Stop being deceived; God is not to be ridiculed. A person harvests whatever he plants’ (Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’.) Gal 6:7 tells us that our actions produces a harvest of some sort.

    However, you have cried out to Him, He turns things around suddenly, He says
    ‘He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD’. Ps 113:9

    God is merciful, forgive your husband’s action, ask God sincerely for mercy, if you attend a living church, sow seeds each time a child is being dedicated speaking to it, you need to agree with a greater anointing that can break any yoke ( 8 lives , babies crying out etc ), perhaps your Pastors wife in fasting (jointly as a family). Trust for a miracle, come out of the depression as it demonstrates lack of faith and God works with our faith. He restores.

    All the best

  2. Hello Peace, I want to make it simple n short. If u are a Christian, this will work. Kindly join those women who sweep the church everytime without rotation. At everytime u do, always pray to God for ur needs. He’s a merciful Father, don’t worry.


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