Linda Ikeji Reveals Baby Daddy And Baby Pictures For The First Time

Popular blogger woke the internet with pictures of her baby and also revealed the identity of her baby's father. See reveal and pictures below

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s Wife Speaks To Ladies About Husband’s Phone

Don’t bother searching through your spouses’ phone, looking for something to pin on them. Just like my mum caught me with the earrings without any effort,

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?-Pt 3

I am beyond confused and I have decided to report him to his only prayer is,I hope I do not end up being the victim..they may believe him over me...

Help Me – My Family Seeing Visions That My Marriage Will Not Work

he sprang up saying I can't marry anyone that's from the north. Even if am not marrying my tribe, I cannot be with a northerner...

Seyi Law Surprises Wife With A Brand New Lexus Car On Her Birthday

To celebrate his love for her, the comedian gifted her with a brand new Lexus, thus joining the league of celebrities assuring their women with cars;

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?-Pt 2

I confronted my husband about what I read in the girl's diary. He feigned innocence and said he wonders why she wrote that in her diary.

My Mother Thinks My Girlfriend Is Not Wife Material

I thought that was over but four months later,my mom calls me and says if I am thinking of settling with my girlfriend,I should forget it cos she cannot allow me marry such a manner less,rude and jealous girl.

It Is Wrong For A Woman To Be Smarter Than The Husband-Twitter User

it is a bad signal for a woman to be smarter than her husband. Do you agree or do you think this is weird. Share your thoughts in the comments

My Friend Insults Her Husband In Public -Does He Deserve it?

It became awkward sitting with the man. He just faked a smile and said,its ok,that they have a small issue and that they will deal with it later.

Mother’s Reaction As Daughter Gets Pregnant After 10 Years Of Marriage

When God turned around the captivity of zion ! We were like they that dreamed ! God is still in the business of doing miracles.

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I Kept Myself For 34 years But My Marriage Lasted Only Wedding Night

It was the happiest day of my life. It was such a beautiful day. My friends and family were all there. Everyone was happy for me and I was grateful to God. I had waited for my dream man.

My Husband Wants A Male Child And I Want A Divorce

All of these I took as normal cos I wanted my marriage to work and I wanted to stay because of my children. So all that he did to me,I took all in good faith.

Welcome To My Weekly Musing With The Beautiful Ms. Agie!

I realised that I liked little things like being feminine, having the door opened for me, having a man fight some of my battles.

I Sacrificed 7 Years Of My Life But My Husband Is Crushing My Dreams

I agreed that it was necessary so that I could take care of my baby. My husband was against the idea of a house maid. It was so tough financially that we had to deny ourselves so many things.
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Husbands-Do Not Depend On Your Rich Wives Says Reno Omokri

Just as Decia advised women not to see their husbands wealth as their own (read Dencia's post here),Reno Omokri has advised men not to depend on their rich wives...

Your Husband’s Wealth Is Not Yours – Dencia Advises Women

Your Husband's Wealth Is Not Yours - Dencia Advises Women

I Pray For Him;Take Care Of Him;What Else Am I Supposed To Do?

I have been trying my best to be a good wife just to make my husband happy..why will he do this to me?

How I Almost Went Into Depression – Says 2face Idibia

Legendary singer, 2face Idibia and his wife, Annie, grace the December edition of leading lifestyle magazine, Genevieve.

Marriage Expectations That Could Destroy Your Relationship

Acting childish doesn't have to mean throwing tantrums on the floor, either. It can be more subtle, like giving him the silent treatment or withholding affection

Making Marriage Work -Five Types of Men That Make Bad Husbands

How many people have lost their families, careers, and souls through laziness? The parable of the talents called the idle servant “wicked” and “lazy”

How To Shut Down An Argument Without Shutting Down Your Spouse

As a result, take responsibility for your actions and responses. Simply refuse to go to a place where shutting down your spouse seems like the best option.

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Connect with God the Same Way You Do

They each hone in on a specific spiritual discipline, and they each are able to make your heart ready to hear what God has to say.

Its Four Months Separation:Is There Any Hope For Reconciliation?

I became depressed and went into severe shock. While we were treating ourselves,my husband attacked me and said I gave him the Hepatitis.

Laura Ikeji Throws Surprise Party To Celebrate Husband’s Birthday

Laura Ikeji Kanu's hubby's birthday.Laura threw Ogbonna a surprise dinner that was attended by close family members and friends.

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