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My Ex Husband Excites Me:He Is Fun & Dangerous But My Fiance is…

But after marriage,anytime we fight,he will refuse to apologize. This really put a strain on our marriage and in anger,I filed for divorce. I was so angry that he ddnt fight for us anymore. 

Will My Husband To Be Ever Love My Children From My Boyfriend?

When I spoke to him about how he relates with my children,he apologizes saying he has never been with children before,that he will change and learn but so far,I dont think he is making enough effort.

Gbenga Daniel’s Son With Special Needs Releases Prewedding Photos

The intelligent 26-year-old (will be 27 by September) who suffered from paraplegia— a rare condition with no medical clarity, is in a happy mood currently.

Video: Gospel Singer CSO Releases New Song: Holy Spirit

The song is very dear to my heart. I pray and believe that you will be touched by His loving presence and inspired to live a deep and powerful relationship with the loving-kind Spirit of God who reveals to you the presence of the Father and of Jesus Christ Himself!

Making Marriage Work:How to Enjoy Married Life at Any Age

Being married is about building a life together that is fun, loving, and satisfying. Yet, many couples -young and old – worry that their enjoyment of married life will one day evaporate.

Man’s View- When Is The Best Age to Get Married?

Most men delay marriage because they wait for the perfect conditions. They want a higher salary or a bigger house, but these are just excuses. Conditions will never be perfect – you have to deal with it and be more realistic.

Stop Fretting Over Past Relationships. Here Are Lessons Learned

I learned the qualities I valued in a future spouse from past (unhealthy) relationships. With each relationship I got a little wiser about what kind of man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

My Heart Belongs To Another Man But I Pushed Him Back To His Wife

I got home and cried a river that night. Jonathan came straight to my place but I didnt even let him in. I broke up with him that night.I was an emotional mess and I handle most of my appointments.

Video From Jzhane: Think Love,Support and Care,Less Judgemental

My encounter also got me thinking how we discourage people from sharing how their feelings in the name of religiosity. In this video,I encourage all to think about why we do these things and lets be more responsible and loving.

Must Read For The Married: Husbands Who Commit Abortion!

Your wife is NOT one of the boys. You and I are gifted because we can function and perform well when one area of our lives is leaking or going though a hemorrhage.  Things don't seem to bother us, in fact we don't care.
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My Husband Set Me Up,I Fell For It & The Rage Is Eating Me Up!

I was already comfortable with Hassan,I didnt think anything. So we got upstairs,drinks were served and after a while,Hassan became flirty with me. I was responding.

My Husband’s Family And Their Twisted Culture Of Adultery

He said,in their culture ,that men are free to see any woman in the family as their wife. So if he chose to sleep with me,he has a right to do so. I thought he was joking but my husband confirmed it.

I dont want to be a baby mama, how do I move on from him?

I met someone who is interested in me. He is a young man of 32,just two years older than myself. Ken got to find out and is threatening him to stay off. I am so upset with Ken. He is yet to fufill his promise of marrying me yet he wants to drive anyone who wants me.

After four years and betrayal,she wants to come back…

Angela was the love of my life. I met her about 11 years ago,she had just gotten admission to study pharmacy in the University...
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Dear Married Man: How To Speak Life Into Your Marriage

Marriage is an evergreen process that requires persistent attention and care. After a certain amount of years, some marriages become stagnant and devoid of intimacy.

I never thought I would get married to Ogbonna Kanu – Laura Ikeji

The mum of one who is probably yet to accept the fact that she’s married to the man of her dreams narrated how they were best of friends who never thought they could get married.

I Didn’t Think He Was My Type. But He’s Exactly The Kind Of Man I Need

My future husband, who couldn’t believe his luck, said yes, and the rest is fate. Except that fate didn’t happen right away. For me, it took awhile to see what Brian (and my grandmother) seemed to know immediately.

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Engagement With Star-Studded Bash

Paltrow, who was previously married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and Falchuk kept their engagement secret for more than a year, though the couple didn't acknowledge it until January.

Making Marriage Work:What Some ‘Believers’ Get Wrong About Marriage

I think we go into marriage with so much feeling in tact, not believing that feelings will fade. And when they do, it sends us into panic mode, wondering if we’ve made the right choice

I Married My Soulmate But It Hasn’t Been Happily Ever After

When I got married, I thought I would want to hang out with my partner all the time. That was kind of the whole point, right? In reality, I still need time to myself and it’s a lot harder to come by now that we’re married and living together.

Groom Rides His Bride Down The Aisle With Bike In Benue State

The photos of the couple riding inside the church have emerged online as the beautiful bride is captured in all smiles, while the excited groom, was adorned in his suit amidst the hailing of the church members.

If he hits you once, don’t marry him – Lady speaks on domestic violence

“Domestic violence against women would reduce drastically if young women would stop getting married to any man who hits them while in a relationship.” She said in a chat with Potpourri.

Ali Baba and his wife, Mary Akpobome celebrate 12th wedding anniversary

Yesterday, marked the 12th wedding anniversary of veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba and his wife, Mary Akpobome. Their union is blessed with 4 wonderful children together.

My Wife’s Former Employer Violated Her,Will I Find Out The Truth?

I didnt like idea one bit but after thinking about it for a day or two,I decided to let it be. My wife was depressed and I wanted her to stop feeling the shame of been violated.
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